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Creating a range with a realtime camera on a RTT to show hits

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I am trying to get the following to work in VBS3.4 I realise that while similar the scripting my differ sli

As an exercise in scripting as well as a practical training application I have developed a single player/training mission working version of LF6 (a live fire range practice) complete with moving targets. I have also included a camera that watches each target and shows the user the feed as a HUD. The intent of this is to be able to show the user their fall of shot and where on the target they hit. I am using an event handler "HitPart" to count hits to calculate a score. Part of the array that is passed is a position of impact. I have been able to show the hits using a 'reference mark' that moves with each hit however this is visible only to the player and not to the RTT camera I am using to monitor it.

The camera side is unknown and I have tried setting the marks to appear to unknown and linked to the camera with no success. Has anyone done something similar or have a way of approaching this? I have tried creating an object but this just falls to the ground as soon as each hit is counted and my attempts at understanding and creating a glowing particle have been unsuccessful.

I have also looked at reconfiguring the bullet holes but due to the type of target (general popup target) they immediately are deleted.


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