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Solved! :)

I will be posting the solution shortly and will probably make a submission to the BIS Wiki for future reference. There are some strict rules that need to be followed when using CfgMods.


Has anybody had any luck using CfgMods in their configs in Arma 3?

There is this previous thread for Arma 2, but ive had no luck in Arma 3:


This Wiki article says it was non functional, but now it is. See Bull A's note at the bottom of the page:


I would really like to get away from using mod.cpp if possible, Especially when using the steam workshop.

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CfgMods works. It's a bit of a fiddle but is working correctly. I find that best practice is to use both a mod.cpp and a CfgMods class. The CfgMods (to my knowledge -- feel free to correct me) will overwrite the mod.cpp with any missing values. To get the CfgMods working correctly you must name the class within CfgMods the same as the @Addon folder or use the dir attribute to point to the @Addon folder.

Here is some config I have from an early stage from a project that is currently in developmental testing

class CfgMods
class Typhon
	dir = "@Typhon";
	name = "Typhon";
	picture = "a3\data_f_typhon\Logo\arma3_typhon_logo_ca.paa";
	logo = "a3\data_f_typhon\Logo\arma3_typhon_icon_ca.paa";
	logoOver = "a3\data_f_typhon\Logo\arma3_typhon_iconOver_ca.paa";
	tooltip = "Arma 3 Typhon";
	//action = "https://cerberus.radiandevelopment.com";
	overview = "";


Please read the Arma 3 APL. This code is currently in development and is not allowed to implemented without the authors consent

Hope this helps,


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It seems since a later update there where some changes done in cfgMods


as the example of the Wiki does not contin the currently ruling cfgMods class (date is 17. July 2017)


Currently it is also possible to implement an entry in the field manual:


example (from the current currator cfgMods class):


Give the mod a color with an array (decimal RGBA Color code):

[Inside the DLC Browser Window visible]


attach a video:

[Inside the DLC Browser Window visible on Mouseover of the Picture]



[Inside the DLC Browser Window visible below the description]

class Multiplayer
			class GameMaster
			class Defend
			class Seize
			class SectorControl

Also it is possible to enter some features to your mod with:

[Inside the DLC Browser Window below the desciption]

class Features
			class Curator


When inside the config-viewer there are also some more subclasses possible as shown in other dlc's


so far i saw:

class SinglePlayer {};
class Assets {};

[All this is visible Inside the DLC Browser Window]

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I just can't get the cfgMods to work.
I searched the deepest and darkest crevices of the internets, found few threads and the wiki page, but none of it was helpful.
Can somebody please show me how would a correct cfgMods class look like for the following PBO and folder structure?

Arma 3\!Workshop\@my mods\addons\main package.pbo


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