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Quite a few seagulls

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Hi guys,

after spending a lot of time trying to fix this, I decided to come here and ask you PROs for a help. So:

I made a coop mission for me and my friends. We usually play in 4 or 5 people against ai. It's quite a basic editor-made mission using Urban patrol Script for ai and several scripts in the INIT command line within our units, to set up some sort of nice loadout. We're also using +-15 addons for units, weapons and vehicles.

To get to the point: I'm using a helicopter evac with an ai heli using waypoints, having the following conditions: doStop evac; evac land "land" on the pickup point and ((!alive unit1) or (unit1 in evac)) and ((!alive unit2) or (unit2 in evac))(and so on, till 15) in the following waypoint condition (meaning the chopper will land, wait for our entire squad to either get in or being dead, and then start again and fly to the next waypoint). This worked quite well for some time, but suddenly stopped-the Heli just lands, shuts down the engine and that's it.

It behaves like if there were not all required members boarded (or dead).

We also noticed a weird (but funny) situation once our team members die - http://postimg.org/image/nh6yx2y61/full/

Could those problems be related? It looks to me like there is something-multiplicating-something and because of it, the chopper won't start, as it gets confused by multiple game entities. I really have no idea where to start looking for a solution of this. Thanks for any advice ;) I can write more details if needed

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I saw this problem before. I think that it happens under the following circumstances:


  1. Respawn is Group or Side.
  2. Two or more people die at the same time (plane crash etc)
  3. There are less respawnable AI's than players.

So, the game selects one guy to respawn into an AI, and the other game selects the same. Boom, explosion of seagulls.

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