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Indochina 1945-1954

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Some people have certainly noticed on the site of Operation Frenchpoint : a INDOCHINE logo recently appeared redirecting to our new website.

But what exactly is this mysterious INDOCHINE ?

Absolutely nothing to do with the music group (!), the Indochina 1945-1954 mod is a project started in January 2012 (3 years already ...) by Arto and recently joined by Pirat3n, a 3D artist, and W4lkn, author of the mod MAF (French Army Mod) for ArmA 1 and ArmA 2.

Long forgotten, often intentionally, the Indochina conflict is a bad memory in France, many prefer to erase from the collective memory (is it the french "chauvinistic spirit" ?). It is with this objective that a team of irreducible Gauls (unlike the famous comic Uderzo and Goscinny, they don't come from Armorica) wanted to pay tribute to these fighters who are not in our history books, by making a mod telling of this forgotten conflict, which lasted ten years.

68_thumb_8936701c5b230a13.jpg 68_thumb_9a50bf9ec8de14ad.jpg 68_thumb_33ae143729c78441.jpg

War of what ?

Indochina !!! And yes, maybe for most of you, this war not mention you much ... But don't worry, this is normal and we are here to make adjustments.

In September 1945, as the Allies celebrate the end of the Second World War and the defeat of the Axis forces, France finds itself once again in a conflict in Indochina ...!

First seen as a liberation army by the people of Indochina, the French army must fight the latest Japanese forces in this part of the world. But very soon, the situation will be changed and the conflict escalates into change to colonial war when the Communist forces of Viet Minh assert the independence of Vietnam.

Main French colony of Southeast Asia since 1887, Indochina gathered the regions of Tonkin, Annam, Cochin China (which now form Vietnam), Cambodia and Laos.

In the context of Cold War, France tries to keep Indochina but especially to push the communist presence in the Southeast Asian Region. But many political reasons compelled the French population has only show little interest, seeing a total rejection of the conflict in Indochina, causing deep unease among the combatants French Expeditionary Corps (the CEFEO) and the rest of the population remained in France. Far from the battlefields of World War II when the enemy was clearly identifiable, French soldiers see themselves fighting a formidable opponent, sometimes peaceful farmer growing rice, sometimes rebellious with his gun. Despite some notable CEFEO's victories as in Phu Tong Hoa or Na San, guerrilla warfare conducted by the Viet Minh seriously impact on the morale of the French Union. The war finally ended in 1954, after the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu, which will put France in a position of weakness in his attempts to lead the talks and the Geneva agreements. 1954 then represents the end of Indochina, Vietnam's separation in two states, the replacement of France by the US as a protective state ... and finally the beginning of a new war for French fighters, which will last also eight: the Algeria !

It was important for us to introduce you this conflict, in a fun way through the game. Although we are trying to focus on the battle of Dien Bien Phu, the mod will try to you immersed in the lives of thousands men and women, civilian or military, French, Indochinese or foreign, with units and materials, as faithfully reproduced, that will be used throughout this deadly conflict. Currently, many models (Sikorsky H-19, 105mm cannon, MAT-49, MAS-36 ...) and a map of Dien Bien Phu are being created, and we hope you will can try all this the fastest possible. Although the project is supported by a well-chauvinist OFrP mod, there will be no bias. Indochina team members are developers / passionate gamers, not politicians.

68_thumb_8689fff2ba05f3d0.jpg 68_thumb_9c5bdb9a81568ccb.jpg 68_thumb_a54e3b8d794887a2.jpg

And what does OFrP in ?

Today, Indochina and OFrP are one and the same team gathered around a common goal: to represent the French army on games of Bohemia Interactive! This regrouping allows us to mutualize our knowledge and data, while sharing on the same Teampseak.

Moreover, it aims to accelerate the work on both mods, and novelty, allowing Indochina still scheduled for ArmA 2, to feel the land on ARMA 3 via modding knowledge OFrP bring to us.

Modders of our team can give free rein to their passion and develop a modern French army or an historic project ! After all, Operation Frenchpoint "French Army Mod" is aptly named, all Francophone project will therefore has its place.

But don't worry, the identity of the Indochina mod will remain unchanged !

Indochina team joins me in thanking all the members of OFrP for their hospitality and their good daily mood.


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Excellent news :)

Great fan of OfRP - a mod of first-rate quality, so I predict this will also be very high quality.

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Bravo les gars!

I think that these Cold War conflicts are particularly well-suited to Arma's engine, e.g. closer engagements, simpler equipment, no need for massive view distances (unless you're flying helos), etc.

For those interested in these post-colonial wars, check-out Dimitri's Guerra do Ultramar.

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