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Black Lion (ACE/TFAR) Czech speaking only [RECRUITING]

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Black Lion is a Small Dedicated MilSim group, focused around the ACR DLC.

We use those  Real life Czech Army Tactics and procedures aplicable to the game and adjusted acording to limitations and capabilities of the game.


What we offer:


Complete Comprehensive Gameadjusted combat training prepared with real life military instructors, Led by Experienced players and often supervised by real life military instructors. 


Immersive Gameplay, with all the (aplycable) proper military procedures like:

- Proper radio comunications including road navigation, CAS 9 Liner, Medevac request protocol, Recovery equest protocol, UXO reports, Platoon and team level comunication, etc.

- Immersive handling of casualities. No magic healing on spot, Injured player only gets his bleeding stopped and morphine administred. For advanced care he is transported by medevac to base where he is fully healed.

- Coherent chain of command, and comprehensible responsibility and role distribution system. Every man knows, whats his number, possition and role within the team. 



We can teach you how to handle the game and its many flaws, How to make your own missions with advanced features. And some basics of How to make your own mods.


Tech support.

Our experienced support can help you with many problems you can have with your game, or sometimes help you get better performance form the game without hardware upgrade.


Play on Private Password protected server free of casual  "i just wanna have fun" troublemakers  and other bullshit.


Mature and sober teammates. (mostly)


What we require:


Legal copy of the game.

We do not support Piracy!


Working headset with microphone


At least 18 years of age.

We make  exceptions but only upon recommendation of our well proven experienced members.


Fluency in Czech or Slovak Language


Mature behaviour

Abylity to carry one´s duty and responsibility without arguments or umbrage.


Some sense of humor.

We dont allways play dead serious. we mostly do, but not allways.


Some regularity of atendance.

We are almost all working men, so we understand that not everyone can play every session, but we dont want people that will play only 2 times a year   ;)











- Bunnyhop
- Map autobrightness
- Interact



Hazar Koth 


@805 Our own Weapons pack expanding the  cz805 family of weapons in arma  (A1-HOLO,A1- ACOG, A1-gl-ACOG, A1-ZDdot)


We play at Friday 20:00 (more casual gameplay)  Satruday 14:00-17:00 (trainings and drills) Saturday 18:00 (main Gameplay) Sunday 13:00 (Game or taraining according to current need)

E-mail:miroslav.kocur@yahoo.com Or PM me on the forums.

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Update: Po dohodě v teamu, jsme vyřadili ShackTack Fireteam HUD Z našeho modlistu.

Máme nový Teamspeak:

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Novinky za rok 2015:


Zahájili jsme spolupráci s Klanem JÅ U (Jednotka Å pecialneho UrÄenia) Což pÅ™ináší mnohem více hráÄů do naÅ¡ich Sobotních Her.



Zahájil jsem práce na Modifikaci hry, pracovní název "805" (@805) jejimž úÄelem je rozšířit arzenál zbraní a vybavení Armády ÄŒeské republiky ve hÅ™e. Prozatím jsou hotovy 4 druhy modifikované puÅ¡ky  CZ805A1 modifikace spoÄívá ve výmÄ›nÄ› zásobníku na modelu puÅ¡ky(kosmetická zmÄ›na), pÅ™idání záložních sklopených mířidel (kosmetická zmÄ›na), a pÅ™idání variant s různými zaměřovaÄi (ACOG, HOLO, DV-MAG3) 


Máme Nyní vlastní dedikovaný Heslem chránÄ›ný stabilní server, a postupnÄ› na nÄ›j nahráváme mise. 


Momentálně je v přípravě naše vlastní Verze Xenovy mise Domination (ACE) Chernarus, upravená pro Jednotky z DLC-AČR.


OP updated.

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OP Updated 

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