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Authentic next generation vehicles videos

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In this thread i wish other people including me post videos only of OFFICIAL promotional material used to showcase upcoming military vehicles and weapons, being land, air and naval.

i hope to inspire some addon makers...or burn time to others with useful content.

i will post some links to give an idea of what i intend:

RBS 15 missile

here you can see its a promotional video only (by saab), not a compilation done from google images by someone else or a weapon show interview video(youtube is full of those and its nothing relevent in them)



fremm class

HMS Queen Elizabeth

oto merla vulcano

pl-01 tank

Steregushchy class corvette

t90 ms (t100 from arma3 ?? )

russian landing craft

holy c***


spoiler text ideas: SHOOT ME, COU COU, I'M HERE, BOLLOCKS!

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more videos

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t90 ms (t100 from arma3 ?? )

No, real-life counterpart of T-100 is Object-640, to-be successor of T-80, cancelled along with entire T-80 line in favour of more cost-effective T-72 upgrades.

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