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Headless Client Help - Code Issue

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Hey guys, here is my script by Monsoon about how to assign groups to the headless client.

"if(!isServer) exitWith{}; if(!isMultiplayer) exitWith{};
waitUntil{time > 2};
_unit = _this select 0; _HC = _this select 1;
if(isNull _HC) exitWith{};
_HCid = owner _HC; _unitGroup = group _unit;
_unitGroup setGroupOwner _HCid;"

However, I am getting this error, and I do not know how to fix it.

"Error position: <setGroupOwner _HCid;> Error missing ; File....moveToHc.sqf, line 14 Error in Expression <; _unitGroup = group _unit;

I hope someone can help me out - Thanks!

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