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[MP COOP 22/ EVO] UK vs Isis Gulf of Aqaba (Evolution)

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[MP COOP 22/ EVO] UK vs Isis Gulf of Aqaba (Evolution)


22 player co-op
takes 1-2 weeks to complete
plenty of side-missions to keep you busy
11 zones to capture


mission file


Mods required:
ok here's what you need for this mission

Arma 2 CO (A2 +OA) 1.63 patch (steam integrated)
+ ACR (either full or lite versions) - if you don't have the DLC yet, install ACR lite here

Mods required

Gulf of Aqaba


Rangemaster v3.7



BAFX v2.7


+ clientside mods


Come play it on our server if you like

here's the one click join for PWS
Elite Warriors UK Forces Arma2OA Server


this link will also download the CBA and clientside sound mods we use (by bigpickle)


Edited by eggbeast

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mission updated - same link (once host sorts out the locked bandwidth)

- sorted out airbase and spawn base

- sorted out carrier

- fixed pop-ups

- fixed assassination mission spawn point

- edited intro to reflect real world map Israel/Egypt

- reduced unit counts to ease up on server cpu later in mission

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fighting hard at spawn base


desert RV


bringing a rescued pilot in from the desert


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flak and SAM hell in the Gulf of Aqaba - my Mig29 just took out a load of enemy aircraft over the wide expanse of desert, then got engaged by AAA and SAMs on its way home.


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Some pics - British forces trying to cross a bridge into the Presidential Palace district of Al Aqabah, Jordan, last night (must be his beach house)

scout squadron of CVRT's reached the river bank, and started assessing crossing points

IS fighters guarding the riverbank


so we started leathering them, and reporting targets


and brought up a Warthog


artillery support smacked up the zone a little bit


that, and our constant tracer (i used 3000 rounds of coax and 300+ rounds of 30mm) blasted the riverbank to hell


blew the turret off an old T34, note fighters riding in on T54 to the right


scimitar crossed the bridge safely, scorpion in pursuit


and warhog playing kiss-chase with the AAA and SAMs to the north


was a fun night

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v2.5 under field tests

new kit deployed overlooking first target in Israel


new supply landrover becomes the backbone of mobile ops


---------- Post added 03-07-2015 at 12:07 AM ---------- Previous post was 03-06-2015 at 11:09 PM ----------

tracking a convoy


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updated links in first post as we have moved to Elite Warriors clan

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some pics of Mig27 strafing Isis units in Egypt








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hey no problem - we love the map you made!

I would like to make a patch config for your IS units (e.g. EB_Isis.pbo which patches MIS_Terrorists.pbo), and include both patch and your original pbo in the Rangemaster mod pack v2.6:

a) to add more weapon variations (molotovs, IED's, grenades RKG3, RGD5, RG33, Type 67, disposable RPG18, SVD ironsight, DP28, RPG7 variants, etc) to your units

b) to add them as crew to a range of vehicles, with your IS badge added to their doors as decals (BTR40 (7 types), BTR60, Landrovers, new pickups, statics (zpu4, zu23, S60 AAA etc)

e.g. see examples of potential IS vehicles we have in the pack here


would this be ok?

Edited by eggbeast

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oh wow thanks sandbob, that is very generous of you

you're gonna love the results!

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convoy hunting


better equipped convoy hunting


convoy down


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some pics from saturdays EW game

patrolling in Eilat with a flamethrower-armed AAV


pilot rescue in the merlin


with harrier escort


kicking ass in a fully crewed DAP


with MELB side-kick


guarding the presidential compound in jordan


chilling on the beach


hunting for weapons smugglers in the SOC-R fast boat


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HeyHo Eggbeast,

I now had time to look at your mission.

First, I realized that the mission folder was packed into a second mission folder * .takistan bore the End Name. Only by manually exchanging the names a user can start the mission.

Furthermore, almost all PBO files in BAFX & Rangemaster-Mod have no bisgn files and no server key files. Some addons are not binarized. This is not good. When you start the mission were equal errors because missing textures at BRDM2imp. But worst of all the performence of the mission. After 4 minutes my RPT had grown about 6 MB and it continued to grow rapidly. This has by no means alone reason of Arma2 Patch 1.63. That explained the lag because extremely many script errors. The mission was not playable for me. There is also in the RPT an entire list on "Updating Base Classes". This is also very worrying. The RPT-entries "config class missing" on the other hand are not serious, but preventable.

Sorry That I can not write anything better.

And sorry for my bad english.

Greets S@ndBob

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Hi mate

I am not sure which file you were using.

This mission is a pbo with the correct gulf of aqaba suffix.


the addons are binarized. but i never bother with keys and signs.

the brdm2imp error i am aware of and trying to hunt it down. it's a minor thing, as you say.

the base class updates are normal as rangemaster makes REPLACEMENTS of many base classes as it's a complete conversion for arma 2.

when you run our mod (rangemaster) or my mission (evolution) or the other mod i was part of (unsung) you must always play with the parameter -nologs and this will prevent the RPT spam caused by the patch 1.63 repeatedly reporting undefined variables. these occur in my mission, in all mods, and even in BIS' own code.

the scripts do not have errors as such, they just don't all have

PRIVATE ["_myvar1","_myvar2"];

at the top of each script. it's no big deal, and you will not experience lag if you use -nologs



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