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Flummi's ArmaUtils

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Hey there.

I decided to assemble some of the various little snippets I wrote over the months into a little package; scripts that take the mind-numbing chore out of stuff like creating the hiding animations for 30 bullets in a transparent magazine. :rolleyes:

At the moment there's just 3 and you need Python 3 set up, but I still have some stuff laying around that I'll add once I find the time and maybe make an .exe.

Download / Source Code



$ armautils

Usage: armautils [command] [parameters]

 smdimerge  Merges specular and gloss maps (grayscale images) into one SMDI
 maganim    Creates the model config structure for magazine animations
            (hiding of bullets)
 timerge    Merges the various components of a thermal map (grayscale images)
            into one map

Use 'armautils [command] --help' to display help for an individual command.

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