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Affiliate program closure and what's being done with ads

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I finally noticed that the affiliate program has been canceled after trying to log into it after realizing that some Arma 2 70% off adds were incessantly repeating despite there being no sale.

I fully understand the need to shut the program down, and I wish BIS's marketing guys the best of luck on future endeavors. But I was wondering if the ads themselves can continue being maintained?

I was ecstatic to hear that BIS opened an affiliate program. Not because I figured I could make stacks on stacks of cash, but because I finally had relevant ad content to help with the layout of my clan site. Actual relevant ads are a godsend for guys trying to keep a presentable web presence for their clan, and it's pretty noticeable now that it's gone.

I honestly don't care one mite about making money off of BIS ads, but I'd really love it if I could still use them.

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