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WW4 Texture Templates

Hello all!
Today I'm presenting a set of files that may be useful for many addonmakers - begineers or not. These are texture templates for WW4 mod, that allow to make a fairly detailed textures for WW4 models. While WW4 Modder Resources contain most thing that You would need, they lacked good templates for vests. Due to this most of the WW4 retextured vests are of "camo-all-over" nature like on picture below.

See the difference?

I've wanted to have some more details, like visible webbing or PALS. Also I couldn't find any template for PASGT vest. So I've jumped into GIMP and made what I wanted to have. Most of this work is quite old, earlier versions of these files were used to make units for Revan's Brotherhood Rising mod, but now I've revamped them a little bit and released to public. I hope some of You will find them useful.

Download here.
To edit the .xcf files GIMP is needed - for those who don't know it's a free but very useful (and powerful) image editor. Get it here. When You're done save as .png or .tga, and then conver to .pac using Your converter of choice.

Included are:
1. Uniforms:

  • BDU - containing also webbing for units without vests
  • BDU with baseball hat - that was made by Sanctuary later and never got into Modder's Resources
  • Pullover - useful for civilian-looking insurgents.

2. Vests:

  • 6B23 - Russian style vest with webbing inspired by RD-54 and Neva LBE
  • IBA - early version with OTV shell with PALS/MOLLE
  • PASGT - contains ALICE webbing for Your Cold War purposes.

Credits go to Hyakushiki (author of the models which Sanctuary used as a basis for his work), Sanctuary ('nuff said) and Jklv (who made "wrinkle" textures for IBA and 6B23). I've just put it all together, made PASGT template, cut the details (straps, webbing) and so on. Uniform models have lapels deleted so on-body webbing (without vest) will look nicer.
For more clothing parts and camo patterns check aforementioned WW4 Modder Resources. You may also find useful a camo patterns made by SomerenV.
Also, there are some more templates in my cooker, namely Ranger Body Armor (Blackhawk Down!) and IOTV variant of IBA.

Oh, and the best part - it's all open-source! :)

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Good job. Thanks for sharing.


Looks great, can't wait to see these used on some units. :)

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Question: are there any 2048 pixel variants of WW4 camos? I really like the models and patterns but it's pretty obvious 512 pixel ones do not give the kind of detail higher resolution ones would. Of course this coincides with the purpose of WW4 mod which was designed for performance and MP play but I'd still like to see some 'high-def' variants (atleast for the three main default camo patterns).

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Question: are there any 2048 pixel variants of WW4 camos?


Easiest way would be using enlarged wrinkle layer with some of the camos by SomerenV. However the details of the wrinkles would be lost - it'd look just ugly. So the only way is manually recreating wrinkles from original Hyakushiki files, but this is PITA.

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