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Throttle controls for aircraft & helicopters

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I think there should be throttle controls to control airspeed for aircrafts and helicopters in arma 2 co similar to flight sim games because it is difficult to control and limit speed of an aircraft or helicopter in the game (i.e Q and Z keys), therefore it would be usefull for landing a plane without autopilot on aircraft carrier or airstrip and for gaining maximum speed quickly (e.g. gaining altitude to make evasive maneuvers). The aircraft speed throttle could be set according to engine thrust percentage.Such a system could be implemented for helicopters in the game, then it would be easier to land or hover helicopters without damaging them and will also be suited to propeller planes as well e.g. ww2 aircraft.Throttle controls will also give ability to fly aircraft/helicopters at constant speed and realistic flight simulation in the game or it could be made into a realistic flight mod.

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