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Need Basic Scripting help AI respawn and Waypoints

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Today i decided to try scripting in arma 3 for the first time so i picked up Fockers guide here http://fockers.moonfruit.com/arma-23-scripting/4566406735 and read chapter 1.

So now that ive finished that ive started my first creations and am having a hard time understanding a few of the concepts. Now i know this is extremely basic but i would like some advice in helping me understand it better.

Im trying to create a spawn whether it be at an object or marker and make the move to a specified location. I cannot seem to get the men to move to the specified marker whether it be a doMove, MoveTo, Addwaypoint ive tried fiddling around with it for over and because of my lack of knowledge i have no ide. Heres what i have not including the waypoint portion.

I have in my initialization on my player in the editor addaction ["Spawn USarmy Group" , "Spawnblue.sqf"]'; and in my init.sqf file limit = 0;

_BLU = creategroup west;

sleep 1;

if (limit < 10) then {

hint "Spawning BLUFOR squad";

sleep 0.5;

_newSoldier1 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_squadleader" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];

_newSoldier2 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_autorifleman" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];

_newSoldier3 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_rifleman" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];

_newSoldier4 = "rhsusf_army_ocp_medic" createUnit [position ARMYSPAWN, _BLU];

limit = limit + 1;

hint "Squad Has been Spawned";

} else {

hint "You have reached the Maximum number of squads you may spawn";


i've seen Tay_uk's script for arma 2 OA here and i dont quite understand it http://www.armaholic.com/forums.php?m=posts&q=7984

The part i mainly dont understand is the _this select 0; which im assuming is the target and Group leader _unit;

_unit = _this select 0;

_Group = Group leader _unit;

GrpOne = Creategroup east;

_leader = "RU_Soldier_TL"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Sergant"];

_Unit2 = "MVD_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

_Unit3 = "RU_Soldier_SniperH"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

_Unit4 = "MVD_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

_Unit5 = "RUS_Soldier_Marksman"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

_Unit6 = "RU_Soldier"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

_Unit7 = "RU_Soldier_AT"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

_Unit8 = "RU_Soldier_AT"createunit [getmarkerpos"GrponeM",grpone,"",1,"Corporal"];

_waypoint0 = _Group addWaypoint [GetMarkerPos "Patrol", 0];

_waypoint0 setWaypointType "MOVE";

_waypoint1 = _Group addWaypoint [GetMarkerPos "patrol1", 0];

_waypoint1 setWaypointType "Seek and Destroy";

Any advice would be appreciated. I hope im in the correct section of the forums :confused: :yay:

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In your addWaypoint command, you have _Group, not GrpOne. You are giving the waypoints to yourself (or the parameter that is sent to the script), not the created units.

If you launch with -showScriptErrors, the game will tell you errors.

Also, fockers guide should of covered topics like _this select 0, which selects the first position in the array _this.

If you are calling the script from an addAction attached to yourself (the player), then the array _this consists of [object with action, caller, addaction id]. _this select 0 is selecting the first element in the array, the object with the action attached.

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The second script is not my work(the link will redirect to it) I was using that as an example but I may have figured out a solution and will try it later.

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Oh, ok. I guess I was confused. I seem to have skipped over the line, "Heres what i have not including the waypoint portion.".

Be sure to read the rest of Fockers guide. It was invaluable to me when I was first getting started.

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