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[WIP Terrain] Pianosa

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I'm happy to announce the project i'm working on at the moment: Pianosa!

Pianosa is an italian island which was used as a high-security-prison for a long time and has only 10 known resident.

My map took the real island as a source, but has some features that aren't real, for gameplays sake.


- Old Capital with a port

- A developement area

- 3-4 Villages

- A big prison

- Big military FOB in the north with a small airfield

- Big forests


1. Getting the HM and Satimg in TB "DONE" (thanks to Schultz!!!), still needs a little work

2. Implement roads DONE

3. Placing of villages, citys and big forests

4. Edit Satellite Image

5. Edit Mask (for now it's just all-grass)

6. Do a Alpha Release

7. Doing some bits & bobs for the immersion and bugfixing

8. Release


Enough of the words, here are some pictures (Please keep in mind, that this is pre-alpha footage, there's plenty of work still ahead!)

http://i.imgur.com/LG9dEdd.png (1139 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/k60IzLz.png (2804 kB)

http://i.imgur.com/taQ3d8b.png (2969 kB)

More pictures can be found here


- Schultz, for exporting the HM and the Satimg

- Jakerod for his tips and tricks

- Bushlurker for his incredible patience and help!

The reason i'm opening this thread is to force myself on working on this island, so i will finish it someday and can move on to a bigger terrain.

Also i want you to critize me and give me some tipps on how to improve the terrain!

Greetz, Don!

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Good to see another island project which looks amazing. Keep up the good work and don´t stop working on it. I count on you :)

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Very nice to see all this effort being made to expand our terrain choices.

Good luck and looking forward to seeing it!!!!

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Nice project, I was actually there like 6 years ago, came from Isola d'Elba by a boat.

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