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The Unsung Vietnam Mod 3.0 WIP THREAD

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here is the current content list for BRAVO.  CHARLIE will have a lot more stuff in it

O1 Bird Dog - 50% (unbinned conversion)
O2 Skymaster - 100%
AC47 Spooky - 95% (3x tracers, lights)
A1J Skyraider - 99% (gun sounds)
A3b Skywarrior - 100%
A4C Skyhawk - 100%
A4E Skyhawk - 100%
A6 Intruder - 100%
A7D Corsair - 100%
A7E Corsair - 100%
C1a Trader - 90% (lights, fx)
E2 Hawkeye - 90% (radar fn, lights, fx)
F100 Supersabre - 100%
F105D Thunderchief - 99% (engine glow)
F105F Thunderchief - as above

HELICOPTERS (all need lights doing)

H-13 Sioux - 100%
H-34 Choctaw - 100%
UH1B Iroquois Gunship - 60% (retex / anims/ pilots/ configs/ lights/ guns/ effects)

VEHICLES (all need lights doing)

Ural - 100%
Willys Jeep - 90% (RR weapon, new model of jeep in pipeline)
M113 - 95% (FFV)
M113A1 - 10% (add physx, fix configs/fns/ memory points for weapons, Turn in/out, FFV)
Commando APC - 100% 
Bike / Motorbike - 50% (config, physx, driver)
BTR40 - 50% (physx, proxies, weapons)
BTR152- 50% (physx, proxies, weapons)

BOATS (all need lights doing)

Sampans - 100%
RIB - 100%
PBR - 90% (M60 turret, wreck, cover variants)
NVA patrol boats - 60% (lights, turrets, FFV, wreck, gun mem points, clutter, skins)


vehicle weapons - 50% (SPGs, mortars, cannons, AA guns)
personal weapons and attachments - 90% (tweak aiming, anims)
scopes - 90% (aim position refinements)
belt-fed MGs - 75% (belt anims)
UGLs - 75% (sight anims and points)
LAW and RPG - 75% (loaded vs unloaded anims, disposable script test)
clustermines - 75% (some dont detonate)


about 25 types - 10% (config, mem points, anims, crews etc)
sams and AAA - 50% (config, scripts tests, model tweaks)


Radio - 50%
Plane Rearm module - 30% (rewrite code)
Resources module (Bayonets etc) - 30% (rewrite code)
Support - 10% (rewrite)


12 different unit types - 100%
civs - 50% (variants)
voices - 50% (need to sort out speech blocking)
DSAI - 100%
vests, headgear, uniforms, accessories - 100%


Da Krong - 100%
Doung - 70%
Khe Sanh - 30%

so we will probably release the work so far that is passable in-game at the end April.

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Monday is logistics day


added 2 new refuel stations


new repair station details:




new placeable wrecks



sling loading the m113s (thanks kable)



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oh and the vc have taken to the canopy...





and the gorund


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the new Skymaster Covey flight, with sneaky late-war USMC jungle camo kit



taking the supersabre for a blast




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For those whom haven't subscribed to our Youtube channel here's the latest test video if the DSAI correctly configured and working .... No more Fasi and annoying radio banter that you cant understand .. unless you speak those languages that is :P


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Has napalm been implemented yet? I love the smell of napalm in the morning as I eat napalm for breakfast!

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Oh yes it has (in beta)... burned quite a few VC with it allready :D

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regarding unconventional munitions we have:

1. clusterbombs (main bombs and suu14 bomblet dispensers)

2. clustermines - time-delay, incendiary, anti-vehicle (inc bikes and light cars), anti-personnel (inc bikes and animals), gas, anti-tank

3. white phosphorus (grenades, rockets, bombs, shells)

4. napalm (grenades, bombs, flamethrower tanks, PBR and m132 zippo)

5. gas grenades (CS, coming soon)

6. molotovs (coming soon)

7. beehive, canister, APERS-T and killer junior shells

8. tripwire grenades and shells, spike whips, and punji traps

9. blu-82 daisy cutter


napalm looks like this (models by myke)




Arma 2 shot of skyhawk dropping its payload



skyraider with napalm and suu14 clusterbomblet dispensers



m132 defending firebase



TO55 flame tank



WP tank shells



blu-82 jungle LZ maker



Covey bird-dog flies too close to the nape


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Was testing out my recording setup while playing arround with the new snipertrees.


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nice shooting kable!


C1a Trader

- fixed lights

- fixed markerlights

- added exhausts to twin engines (see below)

- fixed prop blur

- added sea survival kit (life-raft, parachutes, flare pistol etc)

- fixed vortex trails



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9. blu-82 daisy cutter


You mean Commando Vault, yes?


Good to see the sniper trees finally working correctly.  I take it the foxholes are working well too?  Did they get the FFV treatment we discussed or did my 360 degree turret work?

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yeah i meant commando vault - was dumbing it down for casual viewers.

sniper trees needed tree proxies adding to geo, fire geo, view geo lods and they're working great

the little spiderholes work great with FFV

haven't touched the other bunkers yet, but getting close

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Looking forward to this mod (again :P)


Can't wait to return back to 'Nam!


Already got a few ideas for a campaign with this mod ;)

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E2A Hawkeye

- fixed lights

- fixed markerlights

- fixed static rotor hide

- added exhaust

- added sea survival kit





- fixed lights

- fixed markerlights

- fixed rotor blur rvmat

- added exhaust

- added survival kit

- added unmarked (CIA) version for covert Laos/Cambodia use

- fixed triple gun shelldrop and muzzle gas

- need help to get 3x tracers to work in plane turret





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That AC47 skin REALLY needs some attention.  I was never happy with it in A2.  It was done by somebody (forget who) and they just recolored the default BIS skin.  Could stand some lovin' :D


3x tracers... correct me if I'm wrong but isn't that defined in the turret itself?  Didn't we have that working in A2... ???

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yeah shockley will reskin it at some point i hope.


re tracers - have a look at the thread i made for more detail

we did not have it working in A2.

in A3 it seems we can get multi tracers working on

- plane wing guns in pilot control

- boat or car or heli turrets (gunner control)


but not planes with turrets - i am thinking it is a remaining engine limitation, and if so would petition for a fix


asking for help here:



it will help with the skywarrior and your bear too


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I saved these pics of the AC47 from our matches showing tracers coming from the turrets... I thought you meant a 3rd stream of tracers.  This should be entirely possible... or am I misunderstanding?  From memory, in A2 there was a dev update that allowed tracers from a turret.  I am unaware of a limitation but it was a big thing for the WW2 mods.  "it just works" on the 2.6 gunship.  The miniguns are "simply" a turret with a very limited range of movement.


That puff of smoke away from the skywarrior's rear gun indicates a memory point is probably missing or misplaced.  That blast should happen at the muzzle.  The new A3 gun particles values have some interesting behavior if the mem points don't match up.


This makes me want to load up 2.6 again just to fly the spooky around.  I could have sworn this worked, perhaps it had 2x tracers but not 3.







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afaik twin or multi tracers have never worked on AIRPLANE turrets.

that A3b puff which originated on the muzzle, is being left behind by the velocity of the plane.

maybe you could pull the dev build before getting too involved in more feedback!

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Just some thoughts and questions, sorry if I'm being "that guy"


Firstly, with the AC-47 couldn't you make it as 3 seperate turrets to get the three tracer streams? It'd be clunky but it might work.


Then, with the level bombers like the A-6, how will aiming be accomplished? I'd hope we don't have to dive bomb in the A-6, considering its main selling point was that it was an all weather level bomber.


Other than that, I'm really impressed with how everything looks! You guys are doing amazing work and I'm really excited to see what comes of this all!

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Hey egg, in dev branch they altered the animation sources of weapons allowing multiple muzzle's instead of just on so in dev branch you should be able to create a 3rd muzzle and 3rd tracer possibly?





Arma 3 Update 1.60 comes with a new way how to handle multiple muzzle animation sources for weapons:

  • revolving, ammo, ammoRandom, reload, trigger, reloadMagazine, hasMagazine, isEmptyNoReload, isEmpty, zeroing, weaponMode may be used with indexes ranging from -1 to (number of muzzles - 1) in format "name.x" (e.g. reload.0)
  • Index -1 means currently selected muzzle, index 0 means first muzzle of given weapon, index 1 second and so on
  • Animation sources without indexes should behave the same way as before

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yeah kai that's for animating underslung grenade launchers etc, as the m203 would be a muzzle in your m16/m203 weapon.

it doesn't affect this situation as far as i understand it, as we are not changing muzzle.


we currently have 3 turrets defined, but two are slaved to the bones of the first.

however the weapon that fires is a single weapon that siimulates a 3x weapons firing rate and damage accordingly.

this can then be aimed and fired by the gunner or pilot using manual fire.


if i made it as 3 separate turrets each with its own weapon how would i aim and fire all 3 together?


the A6 drops iron bombs in game like any other plane - you need to practice with it so you dont miss.

like the other twin seaters, the F105F and the F4 it also has a laser designator, which acts as a basic onboard targeting system for the WSO to easily track and target locations or vehicles, which the AGM12 and GBU8 can home in on.  we don't have the actual TV guidance, so adding laser designation is a simple workaround for what could be an expensive amount of code.


before anyone cries foul, if you have a better system by all means write it, and implement it into a demo plane, multiplayer test it, do a demo vid and then send it my way, otherwise accept this as a compromise - to simulate the real world.


and before you say "mando" i do not want to adopt a load of other obtuse, and separately owned code (that i cannot edit) in order to have one function working, when i already have it working simply!


what may come as a surprise to some people who didn't play A2 version is that we set all of the vehicles to

irtarget = "false";

and all of the dumb bombs etc are set to

canlock =0;

so normal planes cannot target things with TAB.

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