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Take On Mars - Christmas Update

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Hello everyone!

Today we released another update to the Main branch. This fixes many bugs, freezes, and general unpleasantries. Aside from fixes it also features the newly implemented Materials Refinery, which you can use to break apart MarsRock, Water, Carbon Dioxide, and so on. It also allows recombining of materials.

In addition to the Refinery, 3D GUIs have been implemented with multiplayer support, so the Huge Monitor that can be placed on walls is now properly synchronized. Not to mention oxygen zones within the Manned Mobile Laboratory, so now inside you can take your suit off. The MML also features several new monitors, which allow viewing of CCTV cameras around the vehicle, and also allow use of the newly added crane system, which utilizes an electromagnet to grab objects.

So here are the highlights in a nutshell:

- 3D GUI system for controlling monitors and such, fully synchronized over multiplayer

- New crane system on the Manned Mobile Laboratory used for lifting heavy objects

- Oxygen zones within the Manned Mobile Laboratory, which depressurize when doors are opened

- Many fixes to various crashes and freezes

- Many more minor improvements

I'd also like to use this opportunity to thank you all for your support, it has been a great year for Take On Mars, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year. To that end I would also like to let you know that the development team will be away on holidays from tomorrow until the 5th of January, 2015.

From the dev team, Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!

Martin Melicharek (Dram)

Project Lead

Change Log:

19th December 2014:
- Added level of details without GUI to each monitor for better performance
- Updated all scenarios with the new Manned Mobile Lab (with crane)
- Finished Materials Refinery GUI
- Implemented a chemical reaction system in the Materials Refinery

17th December 2014:
- Added 3D GUI screen to the Materials Refinery
- Fixed issue with NULL pointers to widget when client was connecting

16th December 2014:
- Added 3D GUI controls to the Mobile Lab crane

15th December 2014:
- Fixed stack overflow crash when assembling/disassembling huge buildings
- Fixed crash that occured when starting a multiplayer game, returning to menu, and starting one again
- Fixed incorrect info display of scenarios in the multiplayer Create Game menu

12th December 2014:
- Added particle effects such as kicked up dust/rocks to footsteps
- Added 30sec delay before playing 'active' idle animations on the player

11th December 2014:
- Added atmospheric zones to the Manned Mobile Lab
- Added dynamic atmospheric zones
- Disabled experimental 'zoom-in' to 3D GUIs

10th December 2014:
- Added experimental 'zoom-in' to 3D GUIs if holding focus/rotate object
- Added 4 CCTV cameras viewable from the driver's seat of the Manned Mobile Lab
- Added proper animations to seats in Manned Mobile Lab
- Added Picture-in-Picture views for rear, undercarriage, interior, and airlock in the Manned Mobile Lab

5th December 2014:
- Added 3D GUI monitors to the Manned Mobile Laboratory, which control the airlock and rear door
- Fixed broken packet issue in vehicles, possibly causing crashes in MP

3rd December 2014:
- Fixed issue where exiting Gravon from fullscreen had hidden menus
- Fixed animations not playing on Atmospheric Processor and Drilling Rig
- Added MP synchronization of the Huge Monitor
- Added saving/loading of values of the Huge Monitor

1st December 2014:
- Fixed crash/freeze caused by a texture handling issue

30th November 2014:
- Added synchronization of the cursor for 3D GUIs over the net

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Cheers! You too, and you are very welcome!

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Thanks Dram et al for the update, this game just gets better and better.

I know you're on holidays so when you get back you might want to look into the issue whereby several of the manned/multiplayer scenarios eg MANNED: Victoria Settlement) start with the player and often other objects falling through the non existent ground. Build 32860.

Vesele Vanoce!

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Great news on the update!

Looking forward to testing the new features a bit more. Keep up the good work, it's a brilliant piece of software and it's getting better all the time!

Happy new Mars-year 2015 (to everyone)!

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