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Community question: expansion menu

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Hi there,

I have an opportunity to take a fresh look at the Expansions menu (Configure > Expansions). The purpose of the menu was to list mods from various locations such as the -mod parameter, registry path and auto-included mods from the player's Documents & Settings folder, and to allow the player to enable / disable mods and adjust the load order.

The current goal is shifting to provide easy orientation and additional details about used official (DLC) and community mods.

After the initial design, it occurred to me that mod management might not be a necessary part of this. One of the options is therefore to remove the functionality to manage mods, specifically the ability to adjust the load order (Up and Down buttons) and the Enable / Disable mod button. This would mean the removal of functionality some of you might be using, so I came here to ask you what you think about it and to discuss the matter.

Additional info:

  • Launching the game with -mod overrides and disables the management buttons in the Expansions menu anyway.
  • Managing mods here requires an additional restart.
  • The official Launcher with local mods support and custom community launchers are handling mod management more comfortably.
    • Launchers do not require an additional restart.
    • Changes made in the menu do not carry over to launchers.
    • Syncing the game state between launcher states could be complicated with various presets in mind.

Let me ask you in a brief and structured way how are you using the Expansions menu: [A very short] Survey

Thank you :)

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