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L_armFatigue - A fatigue system for your arms! (Release thread)

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On 29-7-2018 at 1:30 PM, laxemann said:

The mod is old and poorly written. While I still like the idea, there is a bug in ArmA that forces you to keep walking after lowering your weapon even though you don't touch any movement keys.

This renders the idea pretty much unusable, because every time the mod makes you lower your weapon when too exhausted, you keep walking.


Sooo until this is fixed somewhen (unlikely), there won't be a new version.

As for ACE-compatibility: I see ne reason why it shouldn't go along.

What...if you link it to your own Tactical Position ready mod!? :D that should work...!

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Hi Laxemann,
May I see your solution if you don't mind? Do you have it in git or something? I need some inspiration for another mod

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