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[IceBreakr/IBIS] Isla Duala for A3

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I hope you're having fun with my first A3 release, Panthera. Many of you requested Keystone, USA for the priority release - but problems are not enough building assets. Reusing A2/A3 stuff sometimes doesn't cut it, hope you understand. So hopefully you can have some fun time on my Isla Duala in the meanwhile. Requirements for Duala is: CUP Terrains Core (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583496184).


What is Duala?
Isla Duala is a fictional 100km2 African island divided into two countries: Molatia on North and Afrene on South. Border runs along the river and there is a constant tension between both countries. Both countries are backed by different developed world countries that abuse their natural resources: oil and diamonds in Molatia and tourism (natural beauty) in Afrene. Recent discovery of rich oil reserves on Hazena (NW Molatia) ignited the old hatred between countries and Molatia is using fresh income to boost its military. Agressive Molatia is ready to invade weakened Afrene... but US/Europe forces with UN are there to keep the balance and enforce peace.
Countries & History:
Duala split into two countries in 1993 and civil war lasted for 12 years costing many lives. After that UN troops managed to bring end to the chaos and in 2009 the borders came back under control of local armies on both sides. Marks of previous decade-long war can be seen even today and no-man zone still divides both countries with high fence running all along the border. Only few of the natives dare to travel across. Buffer zone limits the possibility of new conflicts.
But current peace can be very decieving. With recent diamond and oil findings in Molatia their war machine is growing. European and US peacekeeping forces are currently present in Afrene in small numbers, but this might change very soon. Russia and China are in close business ties with Molatia and Afrene is mainly providing services for US and European tourists. War between Molatia and Afrene might be just around the corner...


Island Preview (by Jeza/Armaholic):



Preview shot:
For a preview, here's how the sunrise mornings look like with different weather settings (tnx F. Celentano!):
http://www.vojak.si/ibis/duala_mornings_preview.jpg (385 kB)

It is absolutely smashing now A3 engine displays my old islands, sometimes I just watch car drive past me through the foggy desert - its mesmerizing ;) I also highly recommend RealLight V6 mod for some amazing lighning effects.

Changelog (latest):


- replaced the Generic African Buildings pbo with new V3 sign key (A2 ones are not working since Arma3 1.86.xxx patch)

- massive improvement of lighting and satellite image of the map

- enabled dust effects for vehicles and units
- new improved satellite texture with 1m/px resolution
- fixed oasis height near Djolan
- remade North-Eastern island of Mangomak ;)
- several road and terrain fixes


[Click on spoiler here below to reveal the entire changelog]



- removed trees from Boona road

- fixed skies & lighting that got wrecked with release of official patch 1.60+
- improved satellite image graphics
- removed dependency of Island Panthera & ibr_rn.pbo
- removed dependency of CUP Terrains Maps, only CUP Terrains Core is required
- added runway lights to both main paved airports


- fixed skies & lighting that got wrecked with release of official patch 1.60+
- improved satellite image graphics
- removed dependency of Island Panthera & ibr_rn.pbo
- removed dependency of CUP Terrains Maps, only CUP Terrains Core is required
- added runway lights to both main paved airports


- fixed the issue with AI jumping/swimming on lower heights of terrain
- removed units and weapons as they are now part of a new addon named: FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack Units).
- improved middle and normal satellite texture
- couple of small fixes



- fixed Taris Island lowlands because BIS has a bug on terrains high 5 metres or less (waves effect through solid ground)
- fixed the satellite image bug on Southeast
- improved Afrenian Kamaz truck & Leo2 tank textures
- 90s Afrenian medic & squad leader have primary weapons now
- more soldiers are wearing protective gear now
- couple of smaller fixes, road smoothing, removed some roadside obstacles


- added vast new region: Taris Island on North
- over 332,000 placed objects
- various improvements (satellite texture, coastline)
- 90s Afrenian rifleman is now armed
- added intro with towns (load island in Editor then return to main menu)
- added Kamaz open & covered trucks for both factions
- added Fennek (unarmed & HMG) to Afrenian scout vehicles
- added Leopard 2A4 Evolution to Afrenian Army (Molatia has to rely on Russian RHS tanks for now, heh)
- primary weapons made compatible with new bipod function (no more sinking in the ground)
- repacked missing sound files

- vertical grid numbers start in bottom left corner now (as on Altis)
- some central border pass areas flattened and made AI friendly
- AI is now able to pass all river passes, except concrete bridges (will be dealt with later, new bridge in production)
- removed fog from default weather setting
- save/load now works in SP
- numerous fixes incorporated in unit configs (special tnx to Sahbazz)
fixed: cops now have uniforms on dedicated servers, too
added: uniform pictures for inventory
fixed: uniforms on ground have a proper camo texture now
added: "ItemCompass" to inventory of units
tweaked: ironsight CQB view & GL sight for Steyr Aug A1s
added: RPG reload animation, but just the default one from A3
added: Zeus compatibility (scopeCurator = 2;)
changed: unit "ibr_soldier" class from "I_Soldier_TL_F" to "B_Soldier_base_F"
added: cost, camoflage and sensitivity to units
"ibr_soldier" and "ibr_soldier_2" added weapons an items of regular soldiers for template porpose
renamed: "ibr_afr_soldier" to "ibr_afr_soldier_lite" Off Duty soldier
renamed: "ibr_mol_soldier" to "ibr_mol_soldier_lite" Off Duty soldier
made some visual adjustments to code, so it looks nicer
flag textures for both countries are available under ibr_duala_molafr\flags\flag_mol_ca.paa + ibr_duala_molafr\flags\flag_afr_ca.paa

- added: UNITS! Molatian and Afrenian Infantry along with weapons (RPK, PKM, AKM, AKMS, Steyr Aug A1, SVD Dragunov, RPG7, etc.)
- added: Afrenian policemen with new weapons (AR-15 and M1911)
- added: dust/particle effects for all surfaces (tnx Kju for help)
- added: ammoboxes with gear for both armies (Ammo>Afrenian Gear, Ammo>Molatian Gear)
- workers brough buldozers to Aeroporto Swonto Pinley and flattened some of the bumps
- improved coastline, added a lot more detail
- slight military upgrades to the Kinsella and Bolabongo airports
- Afrenians claimed central-west island and built a Vestinga settlement there after they discovered ruins of an ancient fortress there
- Molatians are threatening with invasion of the Vestinga so Afrenians built the Katakabi Armybase on West coast
- reworked three oasis areas, they don't use obsolete A2 pond object anymore
- removed: St. Trisha island, replaced with huge Suidorra Region (towns/villages: Lukasa, Imalia, Solon, Boona, Campolongo)
- Molatians bombarded the Solon village on SE to retailate for Afrenian new Vestinga settlement in border zone, new war is on horizon
- updated island selector preview picture of the map

- two .bisign files were present for ibr_dualaobjects.pbo, repacked with new key

v3.0 (1st Arma 3 Release)
- roads converted to shapes
- new dualan asphalt & gravel roads
- terrain height tweaks and smoothing
- improved close-up ground textures
- improved satellite image
- accurate roads visible on satellite map
- added tips & hints on loading screen
- new weather settings (tnx to fabiano_celentano)
- new billboards & artwork
- border town updated with new ruins
- several new houses in Bolabongo
- added a hospital to Kinsella(Afrene) & Bolabongo(Molatia)
- several new storage sheds were built across the island
- new rock formations (60+ hours of work), much more realistic hills
- improved shoreline

Arma2 Releases below:
Island changes:
- Town Bolabongo (Capital of Molatia) upgraded, new Dendala District
- added final brg_africa v1.24 (V2 signature and antiaris tree texture fix)
- fixed grid offset for artillery (http://dev-heaven.net/issues/20445)
- smoothed out road near Numbo and Ursana
- new clearing E of Mawimbela near river pass
- new factory and a farm near Kirabo
- further improvements to satmap
- upgraded the Pumado Armybase
- Canto armybase slight update
- aircraft now taxi correctly at Kinsella Intl. runway
- upgraded landing system lights at Kinsella Intl. & Aeroporto Molatia Intl. runways on W and E sides
- activated oil pumps (Arrowhead official addon required)
- presidental palace added to Bolabongo outskirts (Arrowhead required now)
- added three Molatian forts, used for defense of Bolabongo
- added new warehouses for Molatian army
- massive redesign of beaches
- added more detail and cover spots suck as rock formations (tnx Arthur for idea, MikeBart for objects)
- several smaller bugfixes

Units changes:
- vehicle classes for Viggens and AS-350 Squirrels now use standard Air class
- unarmed AS350 Squirrel versions dont have a graphics glitch anymore
- 7x FFAR Launcher on AS350 has a proper display name
- replaced Leopard 1A5 crew from Rifleman to Crewman
- Leopard sound distance fixed, new realistic engine sounds
- removed zetaborn faction (you will need a standalone addon, sorry)
- tweaked Mig-21 handling / control sensitivity
- replaced Mig-21 sounds with improved real recordings
- Mig-21's UB32Launcher now has correct 57mm rockets, half-load in each launcher (due to configuration with 2xFAB-250)
- removed old texture flags from Pinzgauers
- crew of T-55 changed to correct one
- new gunfire sound of Afrenian Steyr AUG
- new Molatian soldier: Trashtalker (AKM), he likes to trash talk to human players (<150m distance)

- removed dependency to CBA & MissileBox and added Myke's standalone ibr_missilebox for Viggen
- incorporated new African Foliage 1.24t2 by Berghoff (AI now doesn't have any advantage over human players)
- added two loading screens (intro, mission loader)
- added more border fence openings (for AI behaviour)
- fixed GPS grid accuracy
- added two small concrete parking spots for planes on scramble alert
- added new buildings to ibr_dtowns.pbo
- built a new town Numbo in central Afrene border region with several outposts and Army HQ
- added transport chopper: SA.342MT Gazelle (Molatian Airforce)
- added gunship choppers: Gazelle (CAS) 12,7mm+2xTOW and AS-350 Squirrel (CAS) 20mm+7xHydra
- fixed SU24 left engine glitch when starting mission in flying mode (tnx Wld427)
- fixed T-55 turn-out anims and made a new Molatian camo for it
- added Molatian Crewman, Molatian Commando and new Afrenian Rifleman (M16A2)
- fixed Molatian camo (more blending into Dualan desert, tnx Sahbazz)
- added more crossings over river, improved shores
- upgraded Molatian prison camp in central region
- added 4 soccer fields to biggest towns
- built a new school in Engor
- added bridges and new roadwork from mainland to NW and SW islands
- improved coastline
- improved zetaborn faction: new sounds, added spaceships & tanks
- Afrenian Viggens are stand-alone now (Tnx Myke!)
- Afrenian Viggens are compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now
- Zetaborn faction is compatible with vanilla Arma 2 now
- fixed Viggen gunpod, added new orange tracer ammo
- added armed Datsun jeeps to both sides in skins: army, black and police (only AFR side)
- fixed horizont on Squirrel chopper (tnx RKSL-Rock)
- fixed the missing Pinzgauer sound
- fixed the missing chopper voice name in radio protocol
- new V2 signatures for increased server security
- improved savannah ground texture (bump-map)
- added Molatian Army's Group: Infantry-SpecOps
- fixed soldier classes in Groups to default rifleman
- added a mod logo

- internal test versions for beta testers

- fixed island config (tnx PvPscene)
- fixed transparency bug on Leopard 1A5
- separated third-party addons to folder \required_mods so you can pick what to install (cba_extended_eventhandlers.pbo, glt_missilebox.pbo and glt_missilebox_config.pbo)
- added CBA's Extended Eventhandlers to \required_mods (needed by Viggen / Missile Box addon)
- Viggen: config bugfix (tnx Sickboy/Myke) & new gray skin for Attack version
- Su-24 Fencer: config bugfix (tnx Robalo_AS)
- Steyr Aug A1 crosshair fix (tnx The_Blink)
- Steyr Aug A1 config/model optimizations (tnx NZDF Crash & Robalo_AS)
- improved terrain grid for GPS or/and ACE DAGR (tnx Robalo_AS)
- increased armor and agression of zetaborn species, they also like to scare now
- improved technology, enabled night-seeing of zetaborn species
- Krak-B Launcher now locks air and ground targets

Island changes:
- new improved satellite image that brings Africa-feel to Arma
- improved Berghoff's African Foliage (latest v1.23 is included, I believe)
- added a factory to Bolabongo NE
- added a small village, sawmill, patrol base and new paved road in the central forest region near the river
- added a Refugee Camp in Central Afrene
- added a fishing village and Afrenian army outpost on W island
- added a small village Spookdorp on W island
- flattened Molatian Hill West of central border crossing and added couple of border passes (for AI)
- new detailed ground texture for hard surface
- fixed RPT errors for configs missing that BIS still didn't add for p3ds in their pbos
- optimization

Unit changes:
- added Leopard A15 tank for Afrenian Army
- added Su-24MK Fencer for Molatian Army
- added MiG-21MF Fishbed for Molatian Army
- added 3 more skins for AS350 Squirrel chopper (Tourism, Jungle, SpecOps and new Afrenian Camo)
- fixed AS350 chopper speed to RL (cruise & top are now realistic)
- Viggens and other airplanes/choppers use excellent Myke's MissileBox now
- Afrenian soldier faces fixed and they now speak English
- added Steyr Aug A1 as a new main assault rifle for Afrene
- addded T72, BMP2 and Ural Truck for Molatian Army
- fixed ammo for Molatian spotter
- added radios to the armed civilians and rebels
- added Afrenian & Molatian flags (ibr_dualaflags.pbo)
- added a special faction (Zetaborn)
- added pilots for Afrenian & Molatian side

- fixed floating shrubs caused by a new version of African Foliage 1.20
- fixed ibr_acivilians.pbo & signature file
- fixed version name in island selector menu

- updated LoBo/GIR's Pinzgauer (turning speed, windows, wheel damage)
- addded Afrenian & Molatian soldier wound textures
- added windows to AS350 chopper (tnx Maj Z. aka Mchide)
- new desert ghillie for Molatian spotter and sniper
- Molatia and Afrene repaved the main road from Bolabongo to Kinsella and other regional roads
- improved East coast vegetation & new smooth layer of asphalt road in sector Ursana-Canto
- Afrene built new buildings and new camp near the border river
- fixed map bugs reported by Enad & Rafalsky
- upgraded Berghoff African Foliage to latest 1.20
- various small tweaks & fixes
- a mutated suprise ;)
- special thanks to BIS for mentioning Duala in their Arrowhead game!

- upgraded and optimized clutter for jungle and also savannah
- removed two bridges and replaced with crossings compatible with AI but can also be "jumped" across by boats
- moved hangar at Molatian Intl Airport near taxiway so larger planes can now navigate it
- fixed misplaced fuel bunker sandbags in NW Bolabongo
- various terrain fixes, more hills for armor and infantry combat
- updated T55 config (tnx 2 Dimitri Harkov)
- updated Afrenian & Molatian soldier classes (tnx 2 eggbeast)
- Molatia opened up new Mangomak island for tourists (NorthEast)
- new Zeelor town built on NE hill to house survivors from ruined Dasha
- Molatia is using a new military facility on NE
- Afrene bought new AS-350 Squirrel chopper used mainly for border control and fast transport (tnx to CheyenneAh56, Nemith Brothers and NZDF_Crash)
- fixed Kinsella building positions for AI paths (tnx to Galzohar)

- UNITS: added African Civilians (compatible with Alice module)
- UNITS: added OPFOR armed rebels (they call themselves MOlatian Fan Organization - MOFOs)
- UNITS: added OPFOR angry protestors armed with stones and smoke bomb
- UNITS: in-game editor groups for rebels and civilians
- UNITS: both armies included in the pack now (Afrenian v1.0 + new Molatian v1.2)
- MAP: improved ground/terrain graphics and ground clutter
- MAP: clutter fix & compatibility with Panthera 2.6 or higher
- MAP: improved savannah vegetation
- MAP: updated Berghoff's brg_africa.pbo with latest vegetation model fixes
- MAP: added latest ibr_plants.pbo compatible with Panthera 2.6 (they share the same file)
- MAP: added St. Trisha resort and a new army base
- WEAPON: updated stones from harmless to deadly, they can kill or injure a target now
- VEHICLE: added T-55 main battle tank for Molatian Army
- ISSUE: if you jump out from T-55 Commander position you'll get damaged. Solution: switch to loader and then get out.
I would like to thank the following people: Sahbazz for supplied Molatian Army and cammos, IceWindo for making & sharing new Civilians, Kju for config fixes and support, Ryogugu for T-55 model, Berghoff for model fixes of his African vegetation and SBP Team for testing. BIS for great game, support and upcoming Arrowhead stand-alone addon ;)

- fixed: object on road @ 054/058, ID 60928
- fixed: object on road @ 056/031, ID 186056
- fixed: object on road @ 064/016, ID 149420
- fixed: object on road @ 089/015, ID 230893, 230832
- fixed: tree object on asphalt @ Kinsella crossroad at airport
- fixed: port @ Camara: rails for the crane not alligned to ground
- new bump-mapping textures for savannah and desert (made by Bad Benson)
- new water color
- new roof texture for entrable house on Vixena

- finished construction of island Vixena on SW, featuring towns, fishing villages, farms, prison and a port. Since good stuff is reserved for VBS2 users I tried to get inspiration from its screenshots. Hopefully Vixena became something you will want to visit often. Just keep away from Ramon's property, Plantation on SW... even local army won't go there.
- brand new satellite image with improved textures, improved normals for ground textures
- added two new wall types with new textures
- Afrene invested a lot of money into an upgrade of Tasmera Jungle airport infrastructure
- Kinsella finally got its ferry port completed
- fixed bug with pbo & sign file, signed dedicated servers should work now
- other small bugfixes

- added oil-rich island of Hazena and small isle of Caspal (NW sector)
- added new house textures based on RL African infrastructure
- added grass cutter object to in-game editor
- added Embassy complex to Kinsella (SW part of town)
- added MikeBart's hemp plant
- moved posed guard towers to ibr_dtowns to ensure compatibility with Panthera 2.31
- fixed all bridge heights
- fixed water height
- improved sun lightning quality
- fixed small hut & guard hut heights on main Afrene checkpoint (by the bridge)
- fixed config error "Ruins" that appeared in Editor
- removed several street lamps to cut down electricity costs
- retrieved stolen papi light from the jungle (tnx Nazul)
- fixed tower height in Camp Noobia
- removed 9 tents with invisible wall (BIS warfare HQ object) and bugged fuel camo-tents
- removed pink coloured spots on ground near ruined bridge

v1.1 (internal release only)
- test version for internal team test

- ibr_rn.pbo is no longer required (dependency removed)
- added SBP Camp Noobia training facility with: jogging course, obstacle course, driving school, shooting range (250-400m), bomb practice area, tactics range with house (to train flanking and overbounding), guard house on top of hill with great overview of the base and ambush alley (long road with fake settlement at the end). Hopefully A2 squad C/Os will find it useful
- added houses that spawn ALICE module civilians, modules should be working like on Chernarus now
- different ground types now sound differently and bullet hits also sound diferrently
- added a dirtroad from central bridge to Djolan, for Afrenian border patrol purposes
- added new config for 12 major towns to make map compatible with Warfare and spawn modules
- got rid of the missing black.pac file error
- improved Afrene Airport with added fence, new administration building and parking lot
- added street lamps in all major towns
- removed bargates from border, mission makers can make their own now
- added a dirt road on W isle leading to ruins
- runways and roads drawn to satellite map
- added intro (tnx W0lle!) to main menu when Isla Duala is active
- added couple of town road signs at major crossroads to help players that get lost
- river crossings without bridges now have high-tide warning signs
- all four airports feature ILS and AI can use them (hopefully, 2 of them are pretty small!)
- fix: AI with C130 can now take off from Afrenian airport without crashing
- fixed bunch rpt errors in ibr_dtowns and ibr_plants (can be used for Island Panthera too!)
- added more savannah vegetation to the dull north areas, cut down couple of trees from roads
- fixed Balabongo & Kirabo damaged housing object

Beta with bunch of bugs & issues:
- missing texture file ca\misc3\wf\data\black.pac - just click OK.
- sattelite and mask maps are not final, many places have grass where there should be none
- etc.


Classnames (tnx to killshot) - units are now in a separate FAP Units addon!

[Click on spoiler here below to reveal the entire changelog]


Afrenian Army (AFR_men)




Afrenian 90s Army (AFR_men_90s)



Molatian Army (MOL_men)












Afrenian Groups



>>Tank Group

[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "Armored" >> "AFRT72G")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>Motorized Infantry

>>Mot.Squad (Offroad Armed)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "AFR_MotInfSquadOffroad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (MRAP Armed)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "AFR_MotInfSquadMRAP")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (APC)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "AFR_MotInfSquadAPC")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (Truck Open)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "AFR_MotInfSquadTO")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (Truck Cov.)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "AFR_MotInfSquadTC")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;



[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "AFRHQ")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Recon Scout Team
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "ReconScouts")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Infantry Squad
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "AFRinf_squad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>RPG team
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "AFRRPG")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>MG team
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", WEST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "West" >> "AFR_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "AFRMG")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;

Molatian Groups



>>APC Group
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "Armor" >> "MOLAPCG")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>Tank Group
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "Armor" >> "MOLT72G")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>Motorized Infantry

>>Mot.Squad (Offroad Armed)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "MOL_MotInfSquadOffroad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (MRAP Armed)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "MOL_MotInfSquadMRAP")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (APC)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "MOL_MotInfSquadAPC")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (Truck Open)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "MOL_MotInfSquadTO")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Mot.Squad (Truck Cov.)
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "MotorizedInfantry" >> "MOL_MotInfSquadTC")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;

[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "MOLHQ")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Elite Guard Commandos
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "SpecOps")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>Infantry Squad
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "MOLinf_squad")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>RPG team
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "MOLRPG")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;


>>MG team
[getMarkerPos "mrkName", EAST, (configFile >> "CfgGroups" >> "EAST" >> "MOL_Army" >> "Infantry" >> "MOLMG")] call BIS_fnc_spawnGroup;



Download links:

Latest version: Isla Duala - v3.5

1. banner-420x120.png

2. news_download_a3_3.png

3. dl_duala.jpg

4. ArmA3.de

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I hope you're having fun with my first A3 release, Panthera. Many of you requested Keystone, USA for the priority release - but problems are not enough building assets. Reusing A2/A3 stuff sometimes doesn't cut it, hope you understand. So hopefully you can have some fun time on my Isla Duala in the meanwhile. Release? Soon. Requirements? AiA + Panthera.

For a preview, here's how the sunrise mornings look like with different weather settings (tnx F. Celentano!):

http://www.vojak.si/ibis/duala_mornings_preview.jpg (385 kB)

It is absolutely smashing now A3 engine displays my old islands, sometimes I just watch Hunters drive past me through the desert - raising dust, its mesmerizing ;)

Changelog so far:

- roads converted to shapes, new dualan asphalt

- terrain height tweaks

- improved close-up ground textures

- new weather settings (tnx to fabiano_celentano)

Those screen shots looks brilliant, excitied to see Duala also in A3 :)

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ArmA3 has breath-taking imagery... Looking forward to this!

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I've had a blast with a picture... don't know what would happen with the entire island...

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Probably my favorite A2 map from you! Simply cannot wait for it!

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5 hour multiplayer test of Isla Duala v3.0 complete. Releasing soon...

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5 hour multiplayer test of Isla Duala v3.0 complete. Releasing soon...

Awesome news!!!!!

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Very nice IB, very nice!

One question, the cocaine brick which was available in A2, will that be available in this version.

Note: I used the brick in Lingor so maybe it's a Lingor item, plz put in Duala. ;)

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Screenshots not loading

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