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1st Special Air Service Regiment - Invasion 1944 Mod

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1st Special Air Service Regiment, B Squadron is a "Realism Unit" playing the military simulation game Armed Assault II with the Invasion 1944 modification. What that means is we do our best to emulate the 1st Special Air Service Regiment organizational structure to the best of our ability and take realism while playing as far as we can go. While striving for realism, we have to walk a fine line between play-ability and doing things in a way that will be fun for the unit and members. Our goal is to efficiently and strategically complete objectives.

We have taken many aspects of the Special Air Service Regiment and made them our own; such as the rank structure and training. We use real training documents to aid us in being the best virtual Commandos we can be. From basic infantry to leadership classes, all of our material is created carefully, and we select the parts of real world documentation that we can use to aid us in creating our training.

Let us be clear though. Though we emulate the Special Air Service Regiment, we are in no way affiliated with them or are trying to get people to join the military. We are virtual Commandos and nothing else.

If you are interested you can find us at:


- Coming Soon -

TeamSpeak 3:



Current Available Roles:

- Commando

- Medical Personnel

- Signaller


Sgt R. Hickey

1st Special Air Service Regiment, B Squadron

Patrol IC

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