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Your favorite game of the new millenia

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I can list a lot more titles pre-millenium, I think games are/have gotten progressively worse over the last one and a half decades.

STRIFE popped up on Steam yesterday, im in a constant state of :butbut: since then.

Those old games work some weird magic on me. I certainly will not be able to resist buying an(other) almost 20 years old title very very soon!


Batman: Arkham Asylum + Arkham City

Only played City, blew me away!!! Full Ack on Batman titles!

edit2: I also forgot one important thing: TOMB RAIDER

Utterly fantastic game, brilliantly well done, it´s unfuckingbelievable!

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I'll probably have to say DCS World considering how much fun I have with it and how much time I've invested in it. Despite problems that can be frustrating from time to time (e.g. lacking damage model, the current version is only getting the most important hotfixes because of EDGE being not far off) it's shaping up to become an incredible platform for extremely detailed combat flightsims spanning different eras with EDGE coming up next year and third party devs releasing their first aircraft. The MiG-21Bis by Leatherneck Simulations is a fantastic module that's only missing era ground units and a worthy adversary like the F-4 Phantom II. There are an F/A-18C (ED) and a F/A-18E (Coretex) in development and there are several new maps planned for 2015 (NTTR, Strait of Hormuz & WWII map).

The old warbirds that are coming out now are absolutely fantastic simulations and even though there is not much WWII content yet there's already a lot you can do with them. I'm really looking forward to the Spitfire and P-47. The alpha version of the WWII map should come out sometime next year for Kickstarter backers as well. It's a good time for fans of combat flight sims!

The only combat flightsim comparable to DCS regarding the depth of the simulation is Falcon BMS and even though it is an absolutely fantastic sim (Dynamic Campaigns!), I wouldn't be playing it if DCS was offering a dynamic campaign of similar quality.

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