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Advanced Flight Model/RotorLib implementation problem/s.

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I have been working on updating a helicopter to use the new features brought in by the Helicopters DLC, specifically sling loading and RotorLib / the advanced flight model. As the helicopter is a chinook I figured I'd use the same settings as the Huron (why reinvent the wheel?).

While the sling loading works nicely enough, I am getting a particularly interesting bug while I have the AFM/Rotorlib config included. Specifically the helicopter appearing half submerged in the terrain: http://i.imgur.com/rm4A9Jv.jpg while in the pilot or co-pilot position with the AFM enabled. Disabled the AFM and it pops back to the surface.

Now, despite this the helicopter behaves as it should: wheel brakes work, and handling once you take off is as expected.

Has anyone else encountered this issue and if so, have you figured out how to fix it?

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