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Manhattan Lynching (who is Maksim?)

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So most of you know what happen in Manhattan mission (who dont do not read this thread)

So i found the way to save Dr.Sova and Antonia whatshername from lynching - i reported Fyodor's cache! And when i got lynching call he said "I believe its your friend Maksim. Kid is OK tho"

I have no idea who is this Maxim (or Maksim), my deepest sympathy, but i wonder who this is (his encounter seems to involve some kid? dont remember any kid models, maybe just on words in the dialog. Or maby it is cut content that i somehow glitched in?)

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According to the script Maxim should be a Russian settler whose son was kidnapped by some Chedaki when they traveled in the forest. He went for the local militia and CDF for help, they ignored him, so he turned to the Marines. Though, I've NEVER seen this Maxim IN GAME.

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=======Receive mission to talk with Maksim====

<Container name="Order_to_talk_to_Maksim_in_Gorka">

<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_c_0">

<English>Swordsman this is Razor, go ahead, over.</English>


<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_c_1">

<English>Copy Captain. I don't wanna sound harsh but that doesn't really come under our brief does it? Over.</English>


<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_c_2">

<English>Copy that Swordsman, Maksim in Gorka right? Over.</English>


<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_s_0">

<English>Razor this is Swordsman. Message, over.</English>


<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_s_1">

<English>Razor, we've had a call come in from a civilian in Gorka. Says his son was taken by Chedaki while they were out in the woods, over.</English>


<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_s_2">

<English>Normally I'd agree Cooper, but it seems the pair stumbled on a Chedaki camp while they were out there, that's why they took his son.</English>


<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_s_3">

<English>This civilian, this... Maksim guy barely got away. I want you to check it out and report back, over.</English>


<Key ID="str_order_to_talk_to_maksim_in_gorka_s_4">

<English>Uh copy that Razor, he's waiting for you there, Swordsman out.</English>

=======Help Maksim to find his son========

<Container name="Interviewing_Maksim_in_Gorka">

<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_c_0">

<English>Easy, easy please, are you Maksim?</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_c_1">

<English>Wait a minute, you're not going anywhere.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_c_2">

<English>You'll give away my team's position out there. Trust me, we stand a better chance of helping your son without you.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_c_3">

<English>Just tell us where to start. Tell us what happened.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_c_4">

<English>You're wasting time, sir.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_c_5">

<English>It's OK Maksim, we'll find him, just tell us where to start.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_c_6">

<English>We'll do what we can Maksim. Hang in here.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_0">

<English>You're here! What took you so long? Come on it's been too long already, they could be miles away by now! Hurry!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_1">

<English>Yes, yes I'm Maksim come on! Let's go!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_10">

<English>Oh my son! I left him! I just ran! </English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_11">

<English>Head along the cowshed to the water tower and then north into the forest. There's an old shed in a clearing not far inside. It was near there. Please, please hurry! Find my son!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_2">

<English>But he's my son! I have to come with you!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_3">

<English>I already told you people on the phone, this is wasting time!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_4">

<English>Jesus Christ in Heaven! We were looking for mushrooms in the woods. Olek, that's my son, was only about thirty meters away from me but I could still see him.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_5">

<English>He went into a thicket out of sight so I went after him.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_6">

<English>Spoken like a true Russian! This is my son we're talking about!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_7">

<English>We all know exactly what you meant.</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_8">

<English>There was a Chedaki soldier there walking away towards a big camp holding Olek under his arm. Olek had a cut on his head, I think he'd been knocked out. I thought he was dead at first!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_m_9">

<English>Then Olek lifted his head and saw me. He called out and the soldier turned around and started firing. I had to run for my life!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_x_0">

<English>Be quiet Maksim! Don't talk about the Chedaki! You'll regret it if you do!</English>


<Key ID="str_interviewing_maksim_in_gorka_x_1">

<English>I.. uh.. So what if I have Russian blood? I Just meant that the Chedaki would be angry if you talked... That's all...</English>


=============Maksim is murdered===========

<Container name="CDF_Police_guarding_Maksim">

<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_b_0">

<English>Hey wait, did you know the family?</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_b_1">

<English>Olek is OK. I don't think the monsters who did this could bring themselves to harm the boy. I guess...</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_b_2">

<English>Fuck you you callous son of a bitch.</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_c_0">

<English>Good day, where's this man's boy?</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_c_1">

<English>We helped find this man's kid a while back... sort of...</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_c_2">

<English>Jesus, I know... I don't understand you people at all... You're crazy.</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_p_0">

<English>What's it to you?</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_p_1">

<English>Yeah, 'cause watching people string up your old man does no damage at all eh?</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_p_2">

<English>Ah, what's the matter? Maksim was a Russian, let them kill each other with this in-fighting, who cares?</English>


<Key ID="str_cdf_police_guarding_maksim_p_3">

<English>Bah! It's being up here in the north surrounded by these Russian settlers! We're much saner down south!</English>


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Got interested because I never encountered Maksim either, so peeked at the scripts. There's a reason he's not encountered. It's apparently due to an error, an incorrect variable check made in the mission.

The Maksim scenario is supposed to play out shortly after the Gorka cache is discovered, to reveal a Chedaki camp, but it apparently doesn't play out because of an incorrect variable check made in one of the mission FSM's. The assignment is tied to Fyodor's status towards BluFor.

Fyodor starts out with neutral status. In InitJIPCompatible.sqf:

BIS_missionScope setVariable ["statusFyodor", "neutral"];

When the cache is discovered, his status is changed to friend or foe depending on whether the cache gets reported. in subGrpMainSearchGorka.fsm:

[i][color="#A9A9A9"]//not reported[/color][/i]
BIS_missionScope setVariable ["statusFyodor", "friend"];

BIS_missionScope setVariable ["statusFyodor", "foe"];

Regardless of what it changes to, when Fyodor's status is changed the timer is supposed to kick in for the mission to meet Maksim and locate the camp.

The problem, and reason why Maksim's mission assignment doesn't play out, is that the variable being checked is "fyodorStatus" instead of "statusFyodor". In grpMain.fsm:

!(_cond17) && (BIS_missionScope getVariable "fyodorStatus") != "neutral"

If the team arrives to interview Maksim, the interview won't play out either because the wrong task is being checked. In grpMain.fsm:

[i][color="#A9A9A9"]// when ordered to interview Maksim[/color][/i]
_nic = [objNull, BIS_Cooper, "per", rCREATETASKSET,  [b][u]"objMaksim"[/u][/b], [localize "str_grpmain.fsm_fsm_states_shaftoe_orders_rt_to_go_interview_maksim_1", localize "str_grpmain.fsm_fsm_states_shaftoe_orders_rt_to_go_interview_maksim_2", localize "str_grpmain.fsm_fsm_states_shaftoe_orders_rt_to_go_interview_maksim_3"],  position BIS_Cmaksim] call RE;

[i][color="#A9A9A9"]// when arriving at Maksim to do interview[/color][/i]
!(_cond18) && BIS_cooper distance BIS_Cmaksim < 10 && !(isnil {BIS_missionScope getVariable [b][u]"obj11TaskArray"[/u][/b]})

Maksim will be hung in Gorka if the cache gets reported and Fyodor becomes a foe; apparently it's supposed to play into the report of rising ethnic tensions according to the dialog, but the dialog doesn't play since the mission doesn't occur. Whether it actually keeps Valentina and the Doctor safe when they haven't yet been killed, I dunno. But the Chedaki camp related to his mission is there, regardless that the assignment doesn't play out.

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