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CH View Distance Addon

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Add a grass slider for each foot-land-air, instead of it being bound by the terrain quality modifire being over 49? 
theres multiple requsts in steam about this, and i personally would use it, both for land to have a high terrian quality with no grass, and for air to have low terrain quality with the smallest amount of grass. Even having terrain on ultra with grass at the equivelent of what very-high is now.
Grass has an adverse affect on performance in allot of situations that terrian quality doesnt, and more often then not can be turned lower with out much noticable quality difference. whyll lower terrain quality can leave entire buildings sunken into the ground and conceal entire squads due to how the system works, and in most cases has a much lower affect on perofrmance to turn higher.

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Where can I get the mission files for this?


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