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[WIP] Lockheed Martin's F35B Lightning II STOVL

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Necro-ing this thread. Any news on this mod?

Hi. With your fist post you have already broken two separate forum rules-no asking for updates and not digging up old threads. please read the rules.

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A few questions:

1) In the last preview video (a year old it seems), the wings seem to have a feature going the length of the chord, I think its a joint for folding wings. I don't think this belongs there. AFAIK neither the A or B models have folding wings, is the B model modified from a C model version? will it be/has it been removed?


2) Given the load-out manager coming in the Jets DLC, will the "Service Menu by John_Spartan" still be present or will it be redundant?


3) Are there any changes planed with the Jets DLC in mind?


4) How are the internal loadouts handled? do doors open and a weapon spawns, or can one open the weapons bay and see all the internally carried weapons? if so, are there 6 spots to allow for the 6 AA missiles that it is capable of carrying internally?


5) Does it have a targeting system capable of following a specific point on the ground, like the aeriel drones can do and apparently the F-181 from the new DLC?

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