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Hey people. If you're looking for a place to cause "Arma-drama", to get an ego boost by being in charge of others in a milsim unit, and to constantly bicker with your teammates, check us out today...we'd love to have a good laugh before giving you the boot.

All joking aside, our little group Phoenix Security is a tight-knit community for mature and chill players who wanna steer away from the milsim world while still getting to be part of a tactical, professional experience. Personally, I'm a "tactics, techniques, & procedures" junkie and everyone in the group is all for teamwork and striving to become our best as a cohesive group -- but we're doing everything we can to avoid ranks, overemphasis on fancy websites and rosters, and anything else that (as we've all seen from our past experience with milsim groups) will start to hinder or even tear apart our group later on. We want to develop good relationships with each other and create an atmosphere of cooperation and, if you will, esprit de corps. We'll be having our main games on Friday nights at 5PM Central Time and we'll probably play at other times throughout the week when we get the chance. We like to play other games aside from Arma 2 just to hang out and get to know each other better. I also plan to record and upload footage from our missions every week to a Phoenix Security gaming channel on YouTube.

If you're interested in checking things out or talking to one of us, hop on our Teamspeak 3 server (grphoenix.ts.nfoservers.com) around 6PM Central Time any day of the week and you might catch us. If that doesn't work out, shoot me a friend request (IncendiaryAgenda) on Steam or send me a PM on this forum if I don't see and accept your Steam friend request within a day of sending it. If you wanna see us in action, keep an eye on this thread -- we should have our first video up in a week or two. I promise I'm better at playing Arma than designing logos! :P

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