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[SP] Operation Nemesis

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Op: Nemesis is:

SDV and Scuba

Slingloading fun!



Infantry Only


Fog with no NVG enemy.

Also present are many civilians and roving patrols. This mission was made with Tophe's House patrol script and Monsada and Azroul13's additions to UPSMON. Briefing is top and I feel you'll be plenty entertained for whats in store in this little gem, its a fun one. Use any mods you wish, more info on steam, which is the only place I published it for now. Expecting feedback and bug reports. Search operation nemesis on the workshop and let me know if it doesnt work.

Expected play time (never finished) is probably at least 3 hours, no autosaves so save your shiz, slacker. I was tired of never playing a proper CQB mission with all the available features that arma brings to the table, so I just made it. No mods required however I have a whole list on steam that I run my PwS presets. See more info there. Thank you for playing and thanks BIS!

Also I may present a coop version for 4-6 players (zodiak maybe??) but I get all confused by locality and spawning ai and trigger mechanics in the MP environment so it might take some time, depends on the SP feedback. If you want to do this with friends let me know!

A few updates (19Nov2014)

1)Updated end trigger to wait for team to RTB.

2)Added Various mines

3)Edited tracer modules to work better.

4)Edited Independent spawn trigger to allow time for friendly chopper to leave and de-spawn.

5)Added note to description about using the AI to blow cache.

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Update 1

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