Hey guys! This summer I spent part of my vacation on Limnos - a greek island in the northern Agean sea. I'm guessing you know this already, but the reason I went there in particular is that this island was used as a basis for the fictional island of Altis in Arma III - a game I've spent a lot of time playing ( and most probably, so did you ). As you will see, the developers did a great job recreating the environment, and having spent all those hours on the virtual island, visiting the real one I felt I could recognize almost every location. Here's a bunch of pics and some screenshots! PART I Packing up very early in the morning from my hometown of Sozopol, Bulgaria. This guy was staring at me while I was finishing packing my bags. Kavala is the port city on the mainland, where one of the ferry lines to Limnos goes. It is a very beautiful place, especially the old town. The capitol of the island of Altis in Arma III is named after this town, but do not confuse them. The actual capitol of Limnos, the real life Altis, is named Mirina. It kind of reminds me of northern Italy. A lot. I spent a night camping in Kalamitsi, which is on the Halkidiki peninsula. View on Kavala from the fortress tower above the old town. The narrow streets of the old town in Kavala are one way only, and even then its hard for cars to pass through some places. The ferry will depart early at dawn. Arriving to Limnos, first thing I notice is the barenness of the island. It looks exactly as I hoped it would - just like in Arma. We aproach the port and see the castle on the hill above the capitol. I start exploring the island and immediately bump into familiar places. The roads look and feel familiar, the flora looks familiar, and I am very excited.