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[EC] Elite Corps - 16th anniversary!

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Today, on 8th November 2014, it is the 10th anniversary of [EC] Elite Corps foundation. Exactly ten years ago, on 8th November 2004, the first website of our clan was launched.



[EC] Elite Corps is the oldest polish OFP and ARMA series clan. For last ten years [EC] has participated in over 17 leagues, ladders and tournaments, succeeding in many of them. The clan has already been playing four games starting with Operation Flashpoint (2001), ArmA: Armed Assault (2006), ArmA 2 (2009), up to ArmA 3 (2013). Since 2004 the ranks of [EC] have been filled with over 40 players. [EC] Elite Corps is led by the same people from the very beginning - Romanov and Vetis.

P.S. More information about the clan can be found on bikipedia.

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On 8th of November, [EC] Elite Corps, the oldest polish OFP/ARMA clan, turned 15.



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