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[SP/Coop 04] Contention Zone

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Dear all!


I would like to give you an update, so you know a little about the progress we are having. First of all, congrats to IndeedPete who achieved a major milestone in his personal career! 

Concerning the CONTENTION ZONE you have probably noticed how the Eden editor and Arma updates required many fixes to the objects and ppeffects (my part) and mission and scripts (IPs part). The above screenshot is of our current internal files, so this is how the colors and particle effects should look like. There's still work to do but we're on it and hope to return with at least a compatibilty update soon. 


Thanks for your patience!





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Yes, as Surfer said, I'm now caught up in a new job which also required me to move halfway across the country. I'm still in the process of settling in hence my output has been non-existent on all of my public projects. Fortunately, I had some time to solve most of the compatibility issues. The dialogs work again, some quest bugs are gone, and I managed to properly index most of the APEX gear in the shop. Next step is to finish the shop indexing and then I can hopefully go back to add actual content to the mission. I'm in no position to make any promises though but we're aiming for an update within the next four to six weeks in order to necro the project.

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