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commandSearch | Web app for ArmA commands

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It seems I've posted this in the wrong forum... I meant to put this in ArmA 3's


TL-DR: This is basically Google Instant with ArmA commands


http://i.imgur.com/yLWuQnb.gif (1337 kB)


Today I'd like to announce a new web project for ArmA developers, commandSearch.

commandSearch is a web-app that allows you to access all ArmA 3 commands in a quick, streamlined way.

You see, I'm the developer of Dynamic Zombie Sandbox (for those who remember it :/), and going through the massive list of commands was a bit annoying, as was the huge number of tabs I ended up opening. So today I decided to make something that would make things a bit easier.

commandSearch retrieves a list of all the ArmA 3 commands and lets you search them, and as you search them the details appear below. You don't have to click, press enter, or anything. Just type. Also, as it retrieves the list directly from the biki, it's always up to date. :)

Give it a try!!



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Very nice tool, Craig!

Any chance of this be OpenSource'd?



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