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Backpack config problem

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Hi dudes, im retexturing a BackPack to my mod. When equip my unit with the Backpack, the game crash. this is the backpack cfg

 class BT_Mochila_MED_BLK: B_Kitbag_Base { 
       author = "Logan83"; 
       displayName = "BT Mochila Soporte Vital"; 
       picture = "\LG83_BT\icons\Icon_Bcp_Mochila_Med_BT.paa"; 
       hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"};
       hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = {"\LG83_BT\textures\Gear\backpack_fast_blk.rvmat"};
       hiddenSelectionsTextures[] = {"\LG83_BT\textures\Gear\BT_backpack_fast_blk.paa"};
       Scope = 2;
       class TransportItems { 
           class _xx_Medikit { 
               name = "Medikit"; 
               count = 1; 
           class _xx_FirstAidKit { 
               name = "FirstAidKit"; 
               count = 10; 

If i remove the line hiddenSelections[] = {"Camo"}; and the hiddenSelectionsMaterials[] = {"\LG83_BT\textures\Gear\backpack_fast_blk.rvmat"}; works perfect, but with the original *.RVMAT. How can i use my custom Rvmat in the backpack?

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