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[SP] Operation Ghoul

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Hi all, this is my second contribution to the user mission scene ever, a year after my first contribution and due to the fact that I have been incredibly busy with college... *sigh*. Therefore, without further ado, I present you with an early version of my new mission:

Operation Ghoul



  • Immersive Singleplayer mission
  • Takes place on the island of Altis
  • Takes place at night ~02:00
  • Takes place after Operation Scar
  • Mostly infantry based CQC
  • English text


George Hernandez, a special forces unit, has returned to Camp Karangal on Altis after successfully completing his assignment on Stratis - Operation Scar. He has been tasked, by AAF Command, to infiltrate the village of Kyra Nera to find out why local NATO activity has increased and whether all the recent rumours regarding NATO's potential 'game changer' have any truth to them...


  • Ability to disguise yourself as the enemy
  • Ability to drag dead bodies
  • Reinforcements are called when you spotted (when the enemy fires their weapon)
  • EMP Grenade - Temporarily disables lights and engines
  • Exploding Barrels
  • An 'Apocalpyse Now' reference - What more do you want?
  • Change mission parameters within a custom dialog:
    • Time
    • Damage Modifier
    • PP Effects
    • Disable/Enable Fatigue - Useful for those who just want to Rambo

    [*]Play at night with silencers and 'realistic' AI - Release your inner Sam Fisher... ;)

    [*]Challenging CQC

To do list:

  • Voice Acting



Armaholic mirror:

- Operation Ghoul

Helpful information & tips:

Read the 'Notes' section of the briefing, in-game.

Credit & Thanks:

Because I am very tired and I am writing this very early in the morning, the likelihood that I have missed someone here is quite high :p. So please inform me if I have missed anyone off of the above list!

>> This is an early version of my mission so expect some weird design choices and bugs (I have only had enough time to test it three times!). This was created with the intention of being a short, yet fun mission and as a result is by no means a contender with some of the other amazing missions available for ArmA 3! ;)

>> If you have any suggestions or feedback please post in the comments below, all feedback is appreciated!

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Updated mission

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Updated the mission

  • Fixed Disguise script
  • Fixed and Enabled Reinforcements (may make the mission a lot more difficult so I will remove if requested)
  • Changed font on the title screen to something a bit more pleasing to the eye
  • Added more enemies and randomised their presence

I updated the Dropbox Mirror in the original post!

Edited by HallyG

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Cool mission, especially because it allows to play covert and finally uses uniforms as disguise (something I wait for since A3 introduced wearable uniforms). I noticed two small issues, not really bugs, but maybe improveable nevertheless:

- It is possible to snatch the documents from outside of the building, actually even from outside the wall, on the road. This should not be possible of course, the pick up range is obviously just too large. Maybe it already helps to just turn the object so the interaction "sphere" is completely inside the house. Or you have to block some area outside.

- And I wonder if you could add a way to disable the alarm, maybe by several steps of sabotage (e.g. use a fuse box on the corner of the building, which is however guarded by a soldier who is not killable due to the other soldiers around, so he needs to be lured away somehow)

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