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Respawn Init

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I've seen similar questions posted, but have yet to find a definitive answer that didn't involve a trigger. I hope I'm not asking a duplicate...

I'd like to create a vehicle using either Zeus (preferred) or MCC, Set it's init line to include a respawn event handler as well as a call to a loadout script and have the respawn handler work. Let me just type out what I'm trying in the init line in Zeus:

null = [_this] execVM "myloadout.sqf"; _this addEventHandler ["respawn", "_this execVM 'myloadout.sqf'"];

I give the vehicle a name, then debug console to <name> setDamage 1. It's explodes, respawns according to my respawnVehicleDelay value of 10 seconds, but the loadout is default. The above init line seems like it should a) load out the vehicle using my script (works) and b) call the same script when the vehicle respawns. I've changed the order of these two statements BTW and it's the respawn that's the issue.

By the way, in Zeus the respawn is set and is for no faction (not set for BLUFOR). This works, but if I edit the vehicle again the information is not there. Still, the name is valid and I can interact with it via debug console. This is kind of a secondary question. I'm more interested in creating a vehicle that will load out and do it every time it respawns when created with Zeus.



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