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Couple of Problems with Zeus - Respawn,Teleport,Time and Weather Control, objectives.

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Hi, i've got a couple of Problems with Zeus where i hope to find support here.

General Info: Dedicated Server, Neutral ZEUS as Entity, Description.ext defines Respawn = BASE. There was no respawn_west marker present, there was not any additional scripting involved in the mission, other than the description.ext.

1. Respawn.

The Players spawned at the Altis Main Airfield. I did define a Respawn Position via Zeus (Blufor Player Respawn & Blufor Vehicle Respawn) and also gave them a Respawn Tent. All players were in the same Squad.

Now, some people kept respawning at the Zeus-Defined locations. Some respawned at their Tent. And some respawned at the Main Airport, where no respawn was set at all. I'd like ALL of hem to respawn simply at the respawn marker i define as Zeus, so i can move it along as they advance on the battlefield.

2. Teleport. Is there any way to Teleport and Edit players via Zeus?

3. Time & Weather:

For some reason, after some time, the time and weather control modules would not work anymore. i would be able to open the window of said module and edit the parameters, and nothing would've happened at all. When i clicked ok/confirm/whatever is the button down right, the changes would not apply, and the window would stay open. i need to click a second time (as if i had two windows open) and none worked. After some time, i regained limited control (could use skip time module) but it lagged, and changes applied like 2 minutes later. The same was true for weather control, while i had light fog and overcast, some people had heavy rain (which was gone 10 minutes ago) and some reported sunshine.

4. Objectives:

Same thing as weather modules. the Window would open, isntead of a title, description etc. it said "recieving data". I couldn't edit anything, i couldn't select which side the objective was for, and people couldn't see the objectives when i set them. Also, i still had the two windows opened at the same time bug.

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