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[SP] Letters to Kate

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Letters to Kate

A single-player mission containing several unique concepts that use all possibilities of the Arma editor. Uncover the story of Gavin, a NATO soldier on a mission on Altis. He sent several letters to his wife, and as she reads them, she discovers what happened to her love. Did he succeed, or was his mission a failure?


- A story that enriches the gameplay and brings the whole mission to life

- Sabotage-style mission with increasing, but not impossible difficulty

- Multiple endings with different ways to achieve them

- Full use of the Arma 3's excellent features, including underwater world, lightning system or the uniform switching system

- Bunkbeds! (sort of)

- Detailed surroundings with plenty of hand-placed objects for a better experience

- Hidden secrets and cheats that entertain players who are already familiar with the mission

Official release informative video containing a small part of the gameplay (Not a trailer)

Make Arma, not war link


Please consider voting for the entry if you find it worthy.

Steam workshop download link


Manual installation


Have a great day!


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