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Operation Llama's kick season one

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Operation Llama's kick season one

Operation details:

Date: Sunday, 26.10.2014, 20:00 GMT+1

Mission name: Forward Edge of the Battle Area

Mission type: COOP

Maximum players: 35 - 40

Required mods: None (maybe Task Force Radio, if interested).

Allowed mods: @cba_a3, @jsrs2, @sthud_a3

Server info, usable for remote direct join:

Server name: {TNT}Arma3_Teamwork_Focussed


Port: 2312

Teamspeak info:


Mission settings:

Mission date/time: June 2035/0500

Weather: Random

Number of battle areas to spawn: 2


Available teams:

Heavy Infantry Assault (10 slots) -> Team Alpha

Light Infantry Assault (10 slots) -> Team Bravo

Heavy Armored Vehicle Assault (10 slots) -> Team Charlie

Light Vehicle Assault (10 slots) -> Team Delta

Support Team (10 slots) -> Team Echo

Recon Team (5 slots)-> Team Foxtrot

High Commander (1 slot) -> Team Guardian

First stage:

Players will get their equipment gear load-outs either through the equipment system, or the virtual arsenal and orient around their teamleaders/XOs.

Second stage:

Elements from spec-ops/recon team Foxtrot will fast deploy via HALO jump close to the Battle Area at a suitable secure and (ideally...) elevated location (hill, industrial complex, etc.) and establish a first outpost.

From there, they will use laser designators, rangefinders, eyes, etc. to check the Battle Area for OPFOR static AA defense positions and will transfer those positions to artillery (SPA, MLRS) units from Team Charlie at the BLUFOR base, which will launch immediate artillery strikes at the detected static defense positions (in case of laser targets, guided shells are required, as the shells laser guided - guided are swapped...). A side/global marker on the map will help to accurately hit the targets.

Third stage:

As soon as the static AA defense positions are down, Team Echo will launch a flight of A-164 Wipeouts from the BLUFOR base, which will engage enemy air assets (helicopters, planes) and ground armored vehicles as primary high priority targets.

Fourth stage:

Engineers from Charlie and Delta team will deploy near the Battle Area outer perimeter and build a FARP and static defense positions. They will also air-lift armored and light vehicles to the FARP that will lead the advance into the Battle Area.

Fifth stage:

Teams Alpha and Bravo will be transported to a suitable Battle Area landing zone via helicopter transport provided by Team Echo. Together with Charlie and Delta team, they will start the assault on the Battle Area and try to capture the strategic points in the area.

Sixth stage:

A pilot and gunner team will get airborne in a AH-99 Blackfoot helicopter and remain on standby to take out any OPFOR support structures, as soon as their position becomes known to the BLUFOR team.

Tips and recommendations:

  • If a player selects the High Commander or air traffic controller slot, he should have some experience with this.
  • Medic units should not be in the first front lines, they should focus on healing/reviving other players.
  • FEBA has an entry in the Field manual under the mission section. Reading it if you are new to this mission is recommended, which can happen during the first stage.
  • Vehicles that have a driver/pilot and gunner position should always be operated by teams and not leave with only one person on board.

Please leave a short post if you are interested in joining this event and/or the number of people. If you want to join into a specific team/role, please post which one.

Website: www.tnt-squad.com

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