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[MP] Wasteland VISHERA

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Wasteland Vishera

Version: 1.3b-stable (BETA)


First things first, this Mission is dedicated to the community.

I created this Mission without any commercial/financial aspects in mind. I want to create a mission for everybody to enjoy.

This mission is an one-man-project with 12,615 (+5759 headers) lines of code. All graphics self-made or edited to avoid copyright infringements.

The only thing not created by me is the soundtrack of the mission and the intro sound. These are made by my friend Sleet (Soundcloud).

I'm competing in the MAKEARMANOTWAR Contest, as well. But still, this mission is for the community, not for making profit.

This mission includes client AND server files. Just load up the mission and host a server!

So lets get back to the mission. This is a Wasteland mission as the title depicts ;). So, what can you expect?

The base gameplay is just as you expect it:

  • Fast, tactical, fair gameplay
  • Money, hunger, thirst
  • Vehicles for loot in every town
  • Scavenging for food/water
  • Team-Up with your friends
  • Blufor vs. Opfor vs. Indep (Indep is all vs. all, if no groups have been formed)
  • Easy-to-understand mechanics
  • Main/Side/Diving Missions
  • Gunstores, custom map

Yeah, sounds good, but what makes it "special"?

  • Very good FPS on the client side (tested on 40ppl Server = 50fps, 1ppl on Server = 70fps)
  • User friendly GUI/HUD (See screenshots)
  • InGame Wiki - Missed a thing? Read it ingame in an instance
  • Self-Made Logistic System (Towing/Loading/Grabbing/Locking/Activating)
  • Server built-in - start a server in a wink
  • Persistent User-Data, yes, you heard right. Flat-File (Arma Variables) user saving.
  • Level System without rewards (just yet, Skill Tree is in the next update)! Compete with your friends
  • Session-persistent team bases for Blu/Opfor - paradrop for that places
  • Event System with King of the Hill module - Capture a town and receive rewards
  • Reviving of dead players with a defibrillator only (to improve teamwork)
  • 3h realtime day/night cycle
  • Much more little details, you will notice while playing
  • Big Settings Menu - optimize your FPS by changing some variables ;)

Basicly, what you can expect from this mission is a fun/optimized gameplay and general feeling.

Complete missions, fight in hot PvP fights, group up, level up, compete in your group, (soon) skill with your levelpoints to fit your group, enjoy good performance.


Mission Soundtrack, free download


---n/A (w.i.p)---


screen1_small.png screen3_small.png


Version 1.3b-stable:

[Added] Repair Kit

[Added] Event System

--[Added] King of the Hill Event

----A Town is being selected and is free for capture. Be dominant in that area to receive some rewards

[Added] New random AI Skill Level (normal-medium-hard)

[Added] Mission Description

[Added] Pace bar with new Design

[Fixed] Riving (is it?)

[Fixed] (Re-)spawning at teammate's town

[Fixed] Beacon Respawn

[Fixed] Beacon/Rarads put down would not show up the option to be activated

[Changed] 65m protection radius of dead bodies.

[Changed] AI Skill from dump to random

[Changed] Mission Name..

Version 1.2.3b-stable:

[Added] Wiki Menu

[Added] Vehicle Ammo

[Fixed] Color of Bases on map were not displayed correctly

[Fixed] Map Objects (Barriers) not placed aligned to the surface

[Fixed] Refueling of Vehicles while in a vehicle

Version 1.2b-stable:

[Added] Session Team Bases (Opfor/Blufor)

--[Added] Base Props, 3 MRAPS 1 HMG 1 Transport minimum

--[Added] Base Flags

--[Added] Parachute Drop

--[Added] If spawning there, you get a SMG instead of only Pistol

--[Changed] Side depending Town Area Colors

[Added] Money cap of 25k (increasable with Skills)

[Added] Containers that contain building Materials

--[Note] Increases FPS by ~+5

[Added] AI now drop money (120 (increasable with Skills))

[Added] Chemlights after half past five at respawn screen area

[Added] Anti-Cheat protection for the money Value

[Changed] Sell ratio is now 1/3 of buy price (was 2/3)

[Changed] Default Town Area Color to brown instead of Khaki

[Fixed] Random button enable Bug

[Fixed] Map Objects may not spawn

[Deleted] Base Building materials default spawns

Version 1.1.4b-stable:

[Added] Logistic> Towing System

[Added] Icons:

--[Added] "Tow" Icon

--[Added] "Finished Towing" Icon

--[Added] "Untow" Icon

[Changed] Serveral Graphics:

--[Changed] Player Menu Icon

--[Changed] Refresh Icon (Non-Active and Focused)

--[Changed] "Load in" Icon

--[Changed] "Lock" Icon

--[Changed] "Release" Icon

--[Changed] "Release Horizontally" Icon

--[Changed] "Move/Take" Icon

--[Changed] "Unlock" Icon

--[Changed] "Group Leader" Icon

--[Changed] "Group Unit" Icon

--[Changed] "Player Busy" Icon

--[Changed] "Player Free" Icon

Version 1.0.2b-stable:

[Added] Carrying of Items with Contents [e.g.:Box from Diving Missions]

[Changed] Map Vehicle Icons revamp (Arma 3 Vehicle Icons (Support, armored, uav, ...)

[Changed] Multiple Gunstore Sortiments (new ones can be added easily, good system tho)

Version 1.0.1b-stable:

[Fixed] Debug Console disabled for non-Admins

Version 1.0.0b-stable:

Initial release



  • Skill Tree (removal of Driving Level)
  • Way more wiki entries (if you have wiki entries to add, pm me !)
  • Inventory Item-Drops at missions
  • More Hints for new Users
  • Option to change keys for some actions in settings menu
  • Suicide Option
  • Ideas? Pm me.

For Editors:

The Server map is in server/server_map.sqf, feel free to change it according to your needs.

If you need some source-files of images / dialogs, enjoy:

Feel free to edit, but please guys, give credits and ask for permission to publish it.


If you want to support me, vote for me @ makearmanotwar! Thats the only way to support me, I dont take donations for this project...


Well, what else to say?

I guess I had too much free time...


"Marc" revide "A." (Everything else?)

"Dennis" Sleet "G." (Music)

Edited by rEViDE

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That sounds really awesome mate, at least some difference from other wastelands, downloading now

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Cool mission. I've just finished testing the mission with three other friends on a dedicated server. These are the things I observed and some of my suggestions.

-I've spawned in and found two vehicles however while driving around, I noticed vehicles were hard to find, especially on Stratis with 50 players, it could be a big pain in the ass..

-only 5 guns for sale at the gun shop??!! I don't agree with this. Plus I can buy a UAV terminal, but what can I use it with. I did not find any UAVs, UGVs, or UAV Bags anywhere on the map.

-good guns on AI at missions, that is cool, and a great idea, but I only found and killed 1 AI on the main mission. Shouldn't there be more?

-As stated there should have been stat saves when I disconnected and reconnected I started new with fresh stats.


-Better Blufor / Opfor base layout, seems like a paintball field setup with a "your gonna die sniper position" on the crane. Perhaps just place some buildings and let the players deal with the barricades / walls.

-more guns to buy from gunshop

-helicopters in realistic locations

- level up system: very nice! I've noticed how the lvl bar goes up by the second. Could you change this to per minute or per 10 minutes? I'd really like the leveling system, but I think it should be harder to earn so it makes it that more valuable.

for that is about it, at least for now or until I can think of something else..

Again this was a great mission, so don't feel like I'm trashing you. I am really looking forward to your updates.

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Good points you mentioned:

- Everytime you spawn in, the server checks if there are at leaste 3 vehicles in the town you spawned at, if not, let there be more ;)

- More guns, mhm, that would result in empty gunstores, there will be soon one more @ agia marina and i want players to drive around and check the other sortiments of gunstores. UAV bags are being carried randomly by bots ;)

- Main Mission bots: Every mission spawns at least 4 bots, but depending on the mission and the realism aspect of the vehicles to capture, there are more or less bots. The Maximum of bots is 25 at the base mission by the way

- The stat save problem could have multiple reasons: Maybe your dedicates server has no profile setup where a profileName.vars.Arma3Profile file exists. The server uses arma3's flatfile system with profileNamespace Variable saving. So if your server does not have a folder where the profile settings and vars are being saved, it will not work, obviosly.

The standard path for that is on a Windows Vista/7/8 machine is: C:\Users\<user>\Documents\Arma 3\.

On Linux machines howerver it is: ~/.local/share/Arma 3 or ~/.local/share/Arma 3 - Other Profiles (according to https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Arma_3_Dedicated_Server#Installation_2 )

On Linux machines with wine running it might be: $WINEPREFIX(usually ~/.wine)/drive_c/users/<username of which wine is being run>/Documents (that usually leads you to ~/Arma 3

I got that setup correctly and everything is being saved.

I hope I could answer all you questions so far, so lets get to your suggestions.

1. Yea, thats true, the Base layout is pretty simple, but at least its something you can start with, there are base building materials all other the map in containers (grey or white ones). You have to open their inventory in order to get those items. (to improve performance)

2. As I stated, I want players to scavenge for weapons and that counts for the gunstores as well. If you have all-you-can-buy gunstores, there is no need to travel around the map, one visit at the gunstore and its done.

3. Yea there will defenitly be "regular" spawned helis at realistic locations. Good point.

4. The base income of XP is time, because with time, it will be really hard to level up, if you check the level funtion:

_level = floor ((_cxp / 32.1)^(1 / 3) + 1);
//_cxp is current xp amount as total value 32k for instance.
//Total XP needed for the next level:
_nextlevel = 32.1*((_level)^3);

As you might notice its the level to the power of three, so it will increase rapidly with time.

In future version you will get XP for kills, other activities and mission completion (assists)

Thanks for your feedback mate, I will implement some of that stuff!

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That makes sense I tend to agree with exploring the map more for weapons. As for the profileName.vars.Arma3Profile. I do not have that directory. I am using TADST which is probably why I am having problems.

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Fun simple mission, great FPS! Nice work! How would I change the map to Altis? To be clear, I have allready moved the files onto an Altis Map but the missions and bases etc now spawn in the sea, so I figured I need to change the map somewhere in the code aswell. Thanks for your help!

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