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Warfare SP for Arma 3

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Hello fellow Arma companions.

I always played the Arma 2 warfare mission and found out there is none in Arma 3,

however there are some mods you can download like Bennys edition etc,

But this only works for Stratis and Altis.

So i am wondering if there is a way to implement this on lets say Chernarus or Takistan.

I already have made a town capture mission with high command and tested a script so you can recruit units, but i always wanted to make it like a warfare based mission but the player can edit it to play with it's own modded units or chose his own map by preference.

So 2 questions, is there a way to maybe port the bennys edition so it can work on Chernarus or Takistan map.

Or can someone help me to make my mission like a warfare mission which includes, a currency ( money system ) , production of AI and building.



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