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Deadline questions

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I have some questions about the deadline and mp submissions.

1. Should we freeze our mission in the state it was when the deadline hits? For example if my mission is "1.0" when the contest deadline passes, would it be a bad idea to keep updating the workshop file in the days and weeks after the deadline passes? Or are all submissions downloaded right after the deadline by the jury and therefore safe from being messed up by accidents?

2. When are the submissions being downloaded by the jury? I ask because paranoid about the workshop failing for an invisible reason and getting disqualified for that. At what point can we stop worrying that the workshop provided a safe download? Or do we get a confirmation when the submission was safely acquired?

3. If 3rd party content is used, (bought from a place that sells royalty free sound fx), does one have to provide proof that it is rightfully used according to the license agreement with the pbo file somehow (written statement in the briefing?) or is it enough to have this information ready upon request by BI?

4. My submission for the contest (MP gamemode) has code in place that supports Task Force Radio, but does not require it. That should be legit, right? Basically what it does it sets up some frequency stuff to integrate better with TFR without requiring it to be loaded.

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