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-= ZKs BattleZone =- A3 -- 36 Player [CO-OP] - Warfare

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-=ZKs BattleZone=-

This is not a Mission.






Now Works with ARMA 3  version 1.56


Added to Parameters :

Fast Time (2 Hour Days, 30 Minutes Nights)

Rapid Dynamic Weather (Can be very foggy Mornings and extreme bad weather or Just the perfect day)



We need you to capture all the Enemy Bases.
To do this you must destroy all of its Warfare Buildings.
Then send a Truck to pick up that Base.
Once you have that Base Secure then we can use that as well.
Use any means to Secure the Enemy Bases.
Order what you need from the HQ Container.

If you lose your way just follow a Soldier near you.

Your orders sound simple enough.

This is a 36 Player COOP - Warfare Mission.

Its different every time and you never know what to expect.
There are many different approaches you can take to achieve the goal.
Keep an eye on the Map as that has been seen is updated to the Map.

In this mission you can tag along with the AI or control your own squad.

There are many features which you will find along the way.
The AI can and will do everything a Player can - Sometimes Better -
Join their Patrols , Attack Force or Have them do as you Order.

You start the Mission at a HQ Container,
From there you can

1. Make a Vehicle -- Go to the Container and Open Workshop then Construction --
2. Call for a pickup. -- A Vehicle will come to you --
3. Stay and Defend the Base. -- Make defences ECT , AI Mortars have a 500 meter range , Yes they do work in this Mission --

Even tho the Vehicles have AI in them they will Move out of their Seats to let you in.

If you get in as Gunner the AI Driver will do his Patrols and can get called
for backup by another Vehicle.
You can change the AI Drivers Waypoint by clicking on the Main Map.
When you see a Red Target Symbol that’s the Target the AI Driver - Gunner will try to go for.
If you TAB Lock AI will change Their Target to yours.

If your Not the Driver you will have a Return To Base Action
Its Main uses are

1. Stop The AI from Attacking and pull back from the fight. -- Select HUNT to resume Patrols --
2. To Rearm and Repair when you get back to the base. -- Only Vehicles without Players will do this automatically --

If your a Driver then you just have to get within 100 meters of your Base to Rearm & Repair.
Planes need to TouchDown at an Airport to Rearm & Repair.

If your Vehicle gets to Damaged you will get Ejected from it.
If you Die, and there are any AI within 350 meters they will try and Revive you.
If you live, Look for an AI Man he will be heading to the closest Enemy Base.
If you need a Lift , You can call for a PickUp and select either Chopper, Tank or Car.
The Chopper will land where you throw the smoke. -- Done Automatically at 350 meters --
AI also use this option to get ferried to the Enemy Bases.

When you get to the Enemy Base , Destroy all the Warfare Buildings , AI do this well,
If you don’t have any BIG Weapons you can go to the Building and make a BOMB -So Can The AI-
and Blow Up the Building.
When all Buildings are Destroyed then a Marker will appear - HQ Name Down -
If not in PVP mode then the Base will make Trucks to come and pickup the Container
and take it to a new Position and set it up as one of your sides Bases.
If in PVP you have to make the Truck. -- It will still go get the Base , But not set it up --

The Action can be very Intense in the Air and on the Ground.

The Markers on the Map are what has been seen and is Updated only when
a Target is in view of the Enemy. If that target dies The Marker is Removed.
If the Target has not been seen for 5 Minutes The Marker is Removed. -- You can always see where the Action is --
If the Marker does not move then no one can see the Target.
If you have been spotted -You get a Marker on You , Keep an eye on your GPS- you can be sure something is on the way to investigate your last known position.

If your Base gets a Circle around it on the Map the Enemy have found your Base and Know where you are.
If you have more than one Base you can PackUp and Move your Base. -- This is Dangerous, Units in your group will not be Cleaned when the Base Packs Up, Use them to Defend the Base while it’s on the move --

You never know what to expect and from where, You need Skill to stay ALIVE.

Different Maps give the Mission a completely New Feel, That’s why I added -ZKs 3D Array Builder-.
It takes Less than an Hour to Move the Mission to a New Map.

In the Params you can -:

Adjust the Time.
Set the View Distance.
Turn Grass On or Off.
Adjust the Respawn Time. -- AI Can Revive You --
Adjust the amount of HQ Containers Per Side. -- The more Containers the more CPU power required --
Set the Base Area Size.
Set which Vehicles and how many Live of that type can be in the mission at any one time.
Set which Factions can be used.
Set Total Vehicles that each HQ can have. -- Base Buildings Not Included --
Set Time between Builds. -- AI ONLY --
Set Delay before anyone can Build. -- Handy for PVP MODE --
Set PVP Mode. -- AI still operate Vehicles but will not Build anything --
Set Quickstart On/Off. -- If On -Default- The HQ Containers will TP to their Starting Point, If Off they will Drive There --
Set 2 or 3 Sided Missions. -- Resistance can be turned Off or On --
Set the Max size of groups of Vehicles. -- ONLY for Land Vehicles , The bigger the size the more CPU power required --
Set the size of the Patrols for the Base area.
Set the Skill of the AI.
Set Only Vehicles with Weapons On/Off.
Set RemoteLink On/Off. -- Used to Control your Base while your in or outside the BaseArea --
Turn on Player Names. -- Only useful in Veteran Mode --
Set BF3 Mode. -- Town Capture
ZKs 3D Array Builder -- Yes it has its own 3D-Editor built in. This is always Off on a server --

To make it easy to move the Mission to other Maps i have included a 3D-Editor to make all the
Arrays required for this Mission. -- Read the Help in the Array_Builder Folder.



Download Link  -=BattleZone=- A3  WIP


Armaholic mirror: ZKs BattleZone Co-36 v1.1

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Working on it :)

---------- Post added at 17:47 ---------- Previous post was at 16:42 ----------

Broken link fixed

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Thx for the link !!

Just tested 30 minutes and it was quite fun !! Just need to figure out how the remote construction is working as all vehicules and defenses are grayed/black.

Nice mission !

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Thanks Peoples :)

My PC is a bit out dated and it seems to run ok on mine -

It did take a bit longer than expected and I was unsure if it would ever work

with out warfare buildings but I did end up making my own without add-ons

Please let me know if you find any bugs -

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Been awhile Zonekiller, great to see you back!

Been so long since I played this I forgot how to get AI to join my group or create an empty Plane so I can fly it?


Edited by vengeance1

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Hi Vengeance

hold down the E key when you make a vehicle - then it will make it empty

hold your cursor over a unit or vehicle then press J for Join Group - The cursor colour will change

Press U for them to leave your group

Press K while in the build menu for all the key commands

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I Just did a few minor touch-ups and added Stratis

re download them again if you have downloaded it before this post

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As others have said good to see you back and porting this to A3!

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Thank you all for the welcome backs.

I hope to try and get a few things made for A3 and I'm here to help if anyone needs some coding help

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Great to see you've brought this to A3, ZK! I enjoyed many hours playing the A2 version.

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The best mission ever!!! congrats and thanks for your work.

I second this!!!

Can't wait to fire this up.

How hard would it be to port this to other mods like invasion 44 or Iron Front for example?

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i Did it before (I44) so it can be done again

and again thanks for the return welcomes

Ive started a new project


so zombies and bad guys even good/bad players

i will post a thread as soon as i can

Keep an eye out for THE WALKING DEAD

or pm me if you want to help design this new mod

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Hi, ZK! Thanks a lot for rework BattleZone to A3.

Trying to make it work with RHS Escalation. If i set up "Mission Suggested Factions" in options, and put them all in Mission_Factions.hpp like this:

if (Factions == 0) then 
_factionW = ["rhs_faction_usaf","rhs_faction_usarmy_wd","rhs_faction_usarmy_d","rhs_faction_usmc_wd","rhs_faction_usmc_d"]; // side 1
_factionE = ["rhs_faction_vpvo","rhs_faction_vvs","rhs_faction_vvs_c","rhs_faction_vdv","rhs_faction_vv","rhs_faction_msv","rhs_faction_vmf","rhs_faction_rva","rhs_faction_tv"]; // side 0
_factionG = ["IND_G_F","IND_F"]; // side 2 & 9
_factionC = ["CIV_F"]; // side 3

I have no units in game at all .

It works, if i set up "All Factions" and forbid vanilla factions:

if (Factions == 1) then 
_my = [];
_forbidedfaction = ["BLU_G_F","BLU_F","OPF_G_F","OPF_F"];

All units ingame, except "Cars" section on both sides. How can i make all factions and units from Escalation work properly?

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BattleZone is fully working again :) 


EDIT : Now Works with ARMA 3  version 1.56





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woo hoo... I don't think ive died so much in any other mission...

walking around and not paying attention  is not good.

at some point you have to walk and sneak like you are walking on egg shells .

this is not a game (IT IS WAR)

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