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13€ DLC, hefty price for 2 choppers

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Unfortunately that means I have gotten what I have paid for. Which means at this point, I would rather pay for a 'new' game, not DLC.

...Thats the point, I don't want to shell out money for 2 helicopters, I would rather shell out money for actual fixes...

The community is already apt to create such content like vehicles, weapons, sounds, effects, etc., but real fixes in game performance/mechanics need to come from BI. Which is what is so frustrating, as they are the only ones who can make these changes.

Well, that last bit would only work in a world where the content made by the community, were automatically installed into the base vanilla game as content. But that would have all of it's problems of its own. However, that second bit, you are paying for fixes and updates. You don't get the immediately, but you get them overtime. BIS is simply throwing in added features whilst you wait for those fixes. Now you can practice flying helicopters semi-realistically until your desired fix arrives. I can however agree, that there should certainly be far more content that isn't a payed DLC, seeing as there were a ton of things advertised that are still missing. No interesting vehicle to add diverse opportunities or tricks on the battlefield, or at least far little than there should be. Nemo Mortar system is still missing. Anyhow, though... Let's just hope they add more content for those who can't dish out dish for premium things no one else can use. At the same time, if they did some more smaller DLC's such as Karts, more people would buy, which means more or same amounts of cash for a good portion of content.

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