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Weird features in British Armored vehicles

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We all know that Govs usually require certain features for their army vehicles, but where else in the world, would you ask for:

- Boiling vessel ( basically a water heating device for if you know, wanna make some tea )

Vehicles fitted with the BV include Challenger 2 tanks, MAN trucks, and Warrior, Warthog, Mastiff, Jackal and Foxhound armoured fighting vehicles

And another nice feature that you can find in the FV107 Scimitar and in the Warrior is, well... a WC below one of the dismounts seats. Because you never know when you will need to do your stuff well protected.

BTW the Germans were jealous of the last feature, so they installed one in their Boxer APC:

http://www.thinkdefence.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/The-first-German-Army-Boxer-Armored-Transport-Vehicles-deployed-to-Northern-Afghanistan-arrive-at-Camp-Marmal-toilets.jpg (594 kB)

The "BV" was a darn good idea back then on tanks ,its a frigging life saver when you are on the move for 3 days + with little or no sleep !!! either on exercise or on ops ! having served 13 years in a Tank Reg I can say it was a godsend bout the best bit of kit "inside" the Chieftain .......... !! Not only can you boil water but you could put the canes of food inside the BV so they were heated up by the time we stopped , plus of course a nice cup o coffee after eating the food went down well .. Oh and for anyone wanting to know why it was decided to install a "BV" ,, quite simple back in the day of development of the chieftain series the MOD ( as far as I've been told anyway!) was told they could either have an AC system or a water boiling system but not both ..

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yeah the best use of hexamine is to throw at each other for amusement

Accttuuuaaallly me old fruit bat for the times I was "working " on foot I was quite happy for me "hexi burner" ,, they are also a godsend and dont take that long to boil water or heat up food ,if you know what you are doing with them ;) heehee ......

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i guess crouched in the lee of a hulking great chieftain with poncho windbreak you can get some heat out of them lol but sheltering behind a 2 foott rock on dartmoor in a blizzard? forget it, teas for pussies... chewing dry apple flakes mixed with aspirin, chocolate powder and sweat, thats a good meal... and crapping in a hedge, using clumps of soaked bogroll for wiping... hmm there would have been a long and happy queue for your sodding tank if it had shown up.

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This, is the best thing ever. Now someone make a cup of tea mod for ArmA!!!!!

crankiness level 100...

you drank some tea...

crankiness level 95...

you are now less likely to throw your SA80 away in disgust

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