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[RACE] The Great Altis Race

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The Great Altis Race v1.1 - by ٨ήģεỈ

Welcome to The Great Altis Race! Based on the original Great Altis Highway Race mission I released last year, this is a massively expanded version, including over 10 seperate epic courses for you to race along as well as other improvements and additions.

This is a Multiplayer mission only! There are no AI to race against! Though you can run the race on your own where's the fun in that? So I advise you have at least one other person play with you. You can race with up to 13 other players plus 4 civilian observer slots for anyone wishing to document a race from above. There are no rules beyond getting to the end of the race, so its up to you to decide how you want to do it!



• - Choose from 11 epic courses to race, all of which will take you through a nice sightseeing tour of Altis... if you aren't too busy racing and crashing that is!

• - Choose what kind of weather and time of the day you wish to race in. Do you dare race at night in heavy fog? (Default is Clear)

• - Several Checkpoints will be along the route where players may respawn (once passed) and get new cars if they trash their last one!

• - Various repair options including 'Arcade Mode' which will turn players and their cars invulnerable allowing you to race as recklessly as you like!

• - Dynamic civilian traffic can be expected along the way, possibly around that next corner... (can be disabled)

• - Force a first person lock when driving to make the race more difficult and realistic!

• - Watch for enemy AH-9 choppers along the course. They like to chase and shoot at racers! (can be disabled)

Courses Availiable:


• Kavala to Molos - 31.7km - Difficulty: Easy

• Kavala to Feres - 34km - Difficulty: Moderate

• Molos to Kavala - 31.3km - Difficulty: Easy

• Molos to Feres - 32.5km - Difficulty: Moderate

• Feres to Kavala - 33.6km - Difficulty: Moderate

• Feres to Molos - 32.5km - Difficulty: Moderate

• Thronos to Kavala - 15.4km - Difficulty: Hard

• Thronos to Feres - 34.8km - Difficulty: Hard

• Thronos to Eginio - 25.3km - Difficulty: Very Hard

• Eginio to Thronos - 28.2km - Difficulty: Very Hard

• Eginio to Kavala - 14.9km - Difficulty: Hard

Additional Credits:


The mission would not have been possible to the scope I've created without enormous help from the scripting community. I'm not a natural programmer and I've struggled alot in getting to grips with the complex scripting side of things, though I've learnt so much along the way! So I must therefore give immense gratitude, thanks and credit to the following:

Lala - Primarily responsible for helping me realise many of the core features of the mission such as multiple courses, the repair script and alot of additional help along the way.

Random Weather v0.9 Script by Meatball

Player Markers v2.6 Script by aeroson

Enemy Occupation System v1.98 by BangaBob

Veteran Gamers (=VG=) community for helping me perform large scale multiplayer tests and to all my friends who have helped me test the mission along the way!

And with thanks to all those who answered my various questions on the BI forums over the past few months!

Download Links

Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=314794489

Armaholic: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26824

Make Arma Not War: http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/1fzYVbvb15#.VE0ALfmsVAs

Edited by ange1u5

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Update released. Minor changes and fixes only, final release/update version for MANW competition. Remember to vote your support if you like it! http://makearmanotwar.com/entry/1fzYVbvb15#.VE0ALfmsVAs

v1.01 Changelog:

  • Updated map briefing texts for both Competitors and Civilian Observers to give more far more comprehensive information and instructions to players.
  • Updated Civilian Observer welcome hint texts as Competitor welcome hints were showing up instead upon race start.
  • Minor changes to welcome and finish messages during camera sequences.
  • Minor changes to triggers and waypoints for some of the ambient AI aircraft flying about.
  • Changed camera focus point for each intro sequence to objects that do not get moved depending on course selected. This sometimes created a bug where the camera was focused in the far off distance because the object it focused on didn't get moved in time to its correct location.
  • Changed ending UAV planes (which are the focus point of the end sequence) to be invulnerable. On rare occasions the planes would inexplicably crash or be destroyed somehow, causing the end sequence to glitch out.
  • Fixed a couple of missing barricades on Courses #3 and #4
  • Fixed red hazard lights at Checkpoint #3 on Course #4
  • Fixed missing blue flags at Checkpoint #4 on Course #6
  • Fixed a few night warning/hazard lights not showing in Courses #7, #8 and #10.
  • Additional arrow markers placed on Course #7 when joining the main highway. Players got often got confused where to go.
  • One Car spawn truck removed from Course #9 as it wasn't supposed to be there.
  • Barricades positioned at the finish point of Course #9 to prevent players from driving off the cliff. Amusing as this might be, it can cause the game over messages to not display correctly.
  • Minor position changes to attack helicopters on Course #10

Edited by ange1u5

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Update released and resubmitted for the competition.

v1.1 Changelog:

  • Added new race, Course #11: Eginio to Kavala, 14.9km. A reasonably short but difficult race along the south west coast of Altis starting at Eginio and ending in Kavala. Only one checkpoint for this course.
  • A couple of additional background tracer fire and distant smoke trails have been added to accomodate the new course.
  • Attack helicopters have been overhauled and now spawn dynamically like civilian traffic. A maximum of two will spawn for any given patrol area. Previously the helos would just sit there and wait for you to go by (and often not even notice you), now they follow a patrol pattern within their spawn zone and have a much higher chance of spotting Competitors! Their spawn/despawn range is also very high, so they are able to chase you well outside their patrol area should you be spotted.
  • Civilian Traffic parameter now only disables vehicle traffic and ambulating civilians. Previously it would also remove all background naval AI on the coastlines.
  • Ambient AI parameter will now disable background naval AI units as well as aircraft AI units.
  • Map briefing FAQ text modified with additional information.
  • EOS spawn numbers tweaked (lowered slightly to help FPS).
  • Removed civilian Truck from civilian traffic unit spawn pool. The EOS script is spawning 8 AI in the back, can cause unnessecary FPS lag!
  • Added Iffrit, Strider (unarmed versions) and both covered and uncovered versions of the Zamak Transport to the civilian traffic unit spawn pool for more variation in traffic encountered.
  • Removed Toolkit and extra First Aid Kits from Civilian Observer inventories.
  • Added NVGoggles to Civilian Observers to aid in any potential night time flying.
  • Adjusted waypoints for all finish UAV drones so they do a wider flyby of the finish line. Should help with camera shakiness and glitching on hills.
  • Repair script no longer requires a toolkit to use. This is mainly a workaround for dedicated server loadout issues as sometimes players do not spawn in with the correct loadout, thus being unable to repair their cars when damaged. This is usually fixed by respawning in-game to force the loadout to work.
  • Fixed Civilian Observer helicopters in Arcade Mode so they are now invulnerable.
  • Fixed first person lock parameter not working.
  • Fixed missing barriers at Kavala finish on Course #5
  • Fixed spawn location for Civilian Observers and their respective assets on Course #10. Before they were spawning in their original editor positions near Kavala and not being moved to their new location.

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