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Hired Guns - Mercenary Campaign, With Personal Story Progress Saved [COOP 2-8]

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Hi there, I have just released the Beta version of my mission:


Make ArmA Not War Link

Steam Workshop Link

I believe the best way to play ArmA is with a small team, completing a campaign of missions that fit into an feasible overall story. I wanted to combine this with the dynamic environment created by large capacity servers.

So I have created a single mission file for multiplayer use, that allows people to continue their campaign or help others with theirs.

Key Objectives:

- Mercenary campaign, with multiple story threads and optional ways to progress,

- A persistent server, so anyone can join to team up with others, and work together to progress their story,

- Individual progress saved, so anyone can continue their story at any point,

- Missions are not randomly generated, so they can better use landmarks and terrain to build a story, and to make sure that each mission is completable but interesting and challenging,

- Many different types of mission objective,

- Loadout saving possible,

- Altis is said to be inhabited, and missions are designed around this,

- Story progression, no level-up based play,

- Reconfigurable, so that this mission .pbo could be used for different campaigns, and with mods.


After escaping to Altis, you meet up with your contacts. Altis’ national government collapsed years ago. Speak to the regional leaders, and exploit their desperation for armed help. With your group of Hired Guns, you could gain influence with the regional powers over time, so they support your bid for power, or overpower them. Your reputation as a top mercenary from Stratis will get them to trust you, to start with.


A range of mission types, including raids, assassinations, target destruction and other confrontations, loaded to the server on request. Completing jobs unlocks new ones. 100+ unique, crafted missions.


Hired Guns is designed so that multiple groups can work on different tasks on the same server, creating a dynamic and hostile environment. You can team up with people in game and work with them to complete tasks, or join a server with friends. Every effort has been made to reduce demand on the server.

Search for "Hired Guns" in multiplayer, or connect to port 2302 !!! :)

http://makearmanotwar.com/entry_uploads/1880/screenshots/RaNg228cNuXbZ7m7tWro1QYbhA78U5K5zgBcXpM7XDUl3OcKa6.jpg (313 kB)

http://makearmanotwar.com/entry_uploads/1880/screenshots/i9AvTRaNbUya2qbgQeaH4nxJcjyf3lWCIylkEqJciJUpTMwZnz.jpg (577 kB)

http://makearmanotwar.com/entry_uploads/1880/screenshots/uuFn78MhhyTq1SInDeeYeg3uOcValqHcCDEPrFzHOqXa8EQ6NA.jpg (336 kB)

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