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Hi armaverse MrEwok here.It's been a very long time since you heard any news from me and i'm sorry for that (real life, music projects etc....).
Anyway i'm working on the little bit of free time i have on an update for my humvees and i was wondering if you guys (and girls ^^) would like to see it public release?
Update will Include:

-Added ACE3 interactions for all UserActions
-Added Functional CrewDuke and boomerang Modules (Still wip)
-Added Ace3 Medical items in vehicle inventory

//////////////////////////////////WIP'S May be included in the next update//////////////////////////////////////

-NearlyDone Rotating light on amulances
-WIP Car battery system (planned to make it persistent (ALIVE compatibility))
-Todo JSRS DF EDEN compatibility (if config entry have changed not sure yet)
-Todo Optionnal config for US RHS units in HMMWV's (require RHS)
-Todo Deployable Camonet on all hmmwv's (TODO: Make the camonet Increase stealth)
-Todo M2 on the "M998A2 sov M2
-Todo Unbinarized version with commented config and model.cfg
-Maybe New HMMWV's (custom M998 terminal,M998A2 avenger...)

//////////////////////////////////WIP'S May be included in the next update END//////////////////////////////////

/////////////////////////////////Most of the folowing are already done///////////////////////////////////////////

V0.3.9.2b (Internal Version)

-Added custom rt1523 on almost all hmmwv's variants (except medevac , light and SOV M2 )
-Added Turn In/out option For gunner
-Added New textures on the humvee TOW (Turret and FTL )
-Added M1151 Mk19 deployment
-Added Openable trunk on M1114 armored
-Fixed texture bug on frag6 view gunner
-Fixed All zeroing are now working properly
-Fixed A few texture error popups (some still occur)
-Reworked Resolution LOD's for almost all variants
-Reworked Some engine sounds (internal and external view)

V0.3.9.2 (Internal Version)

-Mod is now STANDALONE (Wich mean the weight as been increased to approximatively 416Mo) - (Done)
-Fixed Destruction textures/material/hide - (WIP)
-Fixed FFV on the "M998A2 sov M2" - (WIP)
-Fixed ambulance backdoors glitch (wich mean now you can't repack the stairs if the doors are closed) -(WIP)
-Added Sounds for Open/close door -(WIP)
-Added NEW RT1523 for all equipped humvees -(WIP)
-Added NEW RT1523 Custom UI for TFAR -(WIP)
-Added Upgraded destruction effects (Add a few degradation state based on damage) -(WIP)
-Added french and english language support -(WIP)
-Added Full JSRS DFyre compatibility -(Done)
-Added Woodland camo for all HMMWV's -(WIP)
-Added "Team color" module wich change the color of the front flag (red by default) for every syncronized hmmwv's -(Done)
-Added Light on gauges -(WIP)
-Added Ambulance Backlights are now activable when reflectors are On (Activated By default) -(Done)
-Removed all "NBL" version -(Done)
-Removed all HAFM dependencies -(Done)
-Reworked distance LOD's


No release date by the way i'm doing it on the little bit of free time so i'm going as fast as i can but no promises.




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Welcome back Mr Ewok! I still have your HMMVV loaded and yes we are interested in your updates!


Can't wait for you to release em!


Just curious if you would consider a "tropical" version now that Tanoa is coming out officially soon?

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It's great to see you back. My problem with them was that weapon firing sound in 1st person cam was too low like M2.

I love details on things. Like open-able doors which I use the as a cover. That's so nice. It's very good to hear that it is standalone now. Perfect. 

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It's really nice to hear, that you come back! ACE3 and RHS compatibility is undoubtedly a good step forward! 


P.S. 'Modern' RHS Hummwv's still don't have a covered turrets so we count on you! :P 


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@Valken: not sure for topical version because i haven't buy APEX so A3 tropical camo is a complete stranger to me ( but if i can get a hand on the tropical pattern i can easily reproduce it so maybe ) :D

@Masnooper : I can make them louder if needed but it will be on all LOD wich mean not only for Gunner.


So as i've said no release date at this time but i do all i can in my free time to deliver you and update soon as possible.

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@ MR Ewok - is there any chance to add your enhancements to CUP? I believe the CUP team may have Apex style textures in the works. Would be great to see your updates in that pack!

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Anyone else have a weird issue where the entire body of the HMMWV is not textured and invisible? Downloaded via mega and arma holic, no extra mods.

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Hello everyone Merry christmas!

Here are some screenshot of what i plan to release after new year;

First of all mod is officially fully standalone.

Added: Sun Visor,CrewDuke,And planing  boomerang and satcom system.

Also added turn in /out for gunner only on deployment test atm but will add it to all before release...

Sun Visor:





Planning to add it: if the module is added add a crewduke object to hmmwv inventory that allow you to add it but this still need scripting and config work




https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2692446757 (no rcied detected)

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2692447086 (you can also see some rework on the door)

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2692453220 (Rcied Detected in an array of 50m)

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2692458627 (Rcied Detected in an array of 10m by day)

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2692457875 (Rcied Detected in an array of 10m by night this randomly alternate with 50m light)

Screen should shine by night for the release still have some trouble on it (sometime it glow and sometimes not like the radio, have to figure what happen since arma 2.00 a lot of things have changed).

Ps I'm Also trying to rework textures and i'm reworking models (GPK wil have new camonet cover , ogpk is comming in a near future).


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Happy new year everyone! I'm having a little trouble setting up the AN VLQ/12 properly and i also need to clean things up before release so i need to delay it a bit , sorry but be sure i'm working on it (it's hard to get back on modelling config scripting etc... after 6years 😂) but things are coming along (slowly thought ). Right now i need to:

-Make crewDuke jam rcied (as for now eods disfunction and as i can't figure how to repair it (i have repaired some functions and reajusted some values and stuf but still not usable ..) i will include remote controlled explosive as they are no rcied ingame...)

-Include New Functionnality's To all HMMWV that can handle it (Turn in/out on hmmwv's that have a turret , crewduke to hmmwv that's have proper antenna"s and role on terrain etc....) They are actually on one test humvee.

-Reduce weight by deleting on work and unused textures

-Cleaning A few Scripts corrupted by updates (i made them work but still have some little errors , remember it's been 6years so a lot of update screw things up 😅 )

Anyway, i'm doing my best to release it as soon as possible but because it's and old save of the project a lot of things i had done like OGPK turret have vanish so i have to redo it from scratch. 

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Hello there, here is a quick update on what's going on:


Done (Finally) Mod is fully Standalone.

Done : Reduced weight from 800Mo to 614Mo.
Added :Turn In/Out for gunner (only on test humvee for now but it's just a few copy/paste to get them on all armed hmmwvs).
Added: Antennas Animations Depending on speed (only on test humvee for now).



Added: Ace Items (Done in Medical and test hmmwv but need to adjust it depending on the hmmwv purpose) And full compatibility (still WIP)
Added :Boomerang system (working on the gui and the script(it was detecting like a charm an sudently started to indicate 3 or 9 o'clock in chain and sometimes detect it properly))
here is the (poor) code i've started:

	vclBoomerang addEventHandler ["FiredNear",
	if ((_this select 2) < 100) then

	_Shooter = _this select 0;
		_relDir = [_Shooter, vclBoomerang] call BIS_fnc_relativeDirTo;
		if ( _relDir > (_x select 0) && _relDir < (_x select 1) ) then {
			systemChat format["Shooter is at %1 from the Vehicle",(_x select 2)];
	}forEach [
		[0, 15, "12 oclock"],
		[15, 45, "1 oclock"],
		[45, 75, "2 oclock"],
		[75, 105, "3 oclock"],
		[105, 135, "4 oclock"],
		[135, 165, "5 oclock"],
		[165, 195, "6 oclock"],
		[195, 225, "7 oclock"],
		[225, 255, "8 oclock"],
		[255, 285, "9 oclock"],
		[285, 315, "10 oclock"],
		[315, 345, "11 oclock"],
		[345, 360, "12 oclock"]





Also the model is really early wip ( i had one modeled and textured but lost it in an old hdd...).

ReAdded : Camonet cover now with Camouflage functionality that impact camouflageCoef wich is visual camouflage (still need to polish it as it's simply based on worldName actually...).

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2715942765 (Desert Camonet on desert map)

https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2715944038 (Woodland Camonet on desert map)

Reworked: Full lights rework included working rotating light for ambulances (still need some work as old gauges and radio lighting wont light anymore).




Reworked : A few LOD's.
Reworked: All exaust effects on HMMWV's.
Reworked: CrewDuke now jam ACE3 rcied ( i'm using basic jamming code they provide on the wiki and it work on jamming but still not able to unjam them wich is the main reason for delayed release).

Started (when i was bored to work on the previous features ) :

Modelling: Some more immersive crap and CrapRandomisation script (no promises on this ,will see the if i can get something good).
Modelling: OGPK (model actually 90% done but no textures a this point).
Modelling: Doors Still Really WIP.

Modelling: New camonet cover (just started).
Retexture: Of the full pack Body and interior (i suck at texturing big and complex objects (basically because i'm a poor texture guy 😂) so probably won't be able to do it).

PS: This is a bottle in the sea if someone want to help me on retexturing it he would be more than welcome!!

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Hello armaverse i'm still searching for that ace jaming script for the crew duke, here is the script i'm using:

Author(s): MrEwok
Description: This add crewduke effects.
Note : None.
FilePath: \EWK_M1151\HmmwvAdds\scripts\CrewDuke.sqf

call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\EWK_M1151\Scripts\FNC_EWK_SAY3D.sqf";
//call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\EWK_M1151\HmmwvAdds\scripts\fn_EWK_fnc_Jaming.sqf";

//IsJamming = false ;
_Vehicule = _this select 0;

EWK_BoomrangGVeh = _Vehicule;

IsNotJamming = true;
publicVariable "IsNotJamming";
//IsJamming = false ;

while {EWK_BoomrangGVeh animationphase "hide_CrewDuke" >= 0.5} do

    waitUntil {EWK_BoomrangGVeh animationphase "hide_CrewDuke" >= 0.5};

    sleep 1;

    if (EWK_BoomrangGVeh animationphase "hide_CrewDuke" <= 0.5) exitWith {[EWK_BoomrangGVeh] execVM "\EWK_M1151\HmmwvAdds\scripts\CrewDukeCheck.sqf";};

    //hint"Detecteur Actif";         //Debug
    _Objet1 = nearestObject [EWK_BoomrangGVeh,"TimeBombCore"];

    sleep 0.1;

    _metres1 = EWK_BoomrangGVeh distance _Objet1;

    sleep 0.1;

    if (_metres1 <= 50) then {[[EWK_BoomrangGVeh,"Bip_constant"], "FNC_EWK_SAY3D", true, false] spawn BIS_fnc_MP; EWK_BoomrangGVeh animate 	  	["LightYellow_Hide", 1];sleep 2; EWK_BoomrangGVeh animate ["LightYellow_Hide", 0];};
    if (_metres1 <= 10) then 
    EWK_BoomrangGVeh animate ["LightRed_Hide", 1];sleep 2; EWK_BoomrangGVeh animate ["LightRed_Hide", 0];
        params ["_unit", "_range", "_explosive", "_fuzeTime", "_triggerItem"];
        if (_triggerItem == "ace_cellphone" && _range <= 10) exitwith {[EWK_BoomrangGVeh] execVM "\EWK_M1151\HmmwvAdds\scripts\CrewDukeCheck.sqf"; systemChat "Blocking Cell Phone"; false };  // always block cell phones
    // allow anything else (like timers / wired clackers)
    }] call ace_explosives_fnc_addDetonateHandler;    
        params ["_unit", "_range", "_explosive", "_fuzeTime", "_triggerItem"];
        if (_triggerItem == "ace_cellphone") exitwith {[EWK_BoomrangGVeh] execVM "\EWK_M1151\HmmwvAdds\scripts\CrewDukeCheck.sqf"; systemChat "UnBlocking Cell Phone"; true };  
        // Never block cell phones
    // allow anything else (like timers / wired clackers)
    }] call ace_explosives_fnc_addDetonateHandler;    


It's initialized via config init ( and a detection script check  when crewduke anim reach 1 (wich mean is visible , will add a more options when i get the script working).

My problem is the following ; the actual script jam but i'm unable to unjam ....


If someone know how to do it please help! ^^


Also here is a quick screenshot of the interior lighing rework (still wip thought):




Ps: i'm also working on the boomerang and crewDuke ui but dunno when and if i can add them properly (mostly because lack of effective informations...)

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Hello there just a Quick Update, i've been able to mange that crewduke script with the help of the ace chat so i've added more functionality to it, i just need to test it with someone else to test some features and some mp compatibility so as i don't have any community to test it anymore i'm looking for testers. if you are interested please leave me a mp here.

Also if you have scripting knowledge i'm having issue with BIS_fnc_relativeDirTo and i have opened a topic here (PS; there's a video in it that spoil some stuff (nothing too fancy thought)) .

Here is some random screens of some features and rework (obviously they won't give hint's on real gameplay and feature...)


More when my network agree to up them.... 


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Hello there here is a quick teaser of the boomerang system.


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Hello again armaverse,Here is another teaser of the updtated boomerang system that also dispay direction on LCD screen (pretty useless but adds immersion...):

I'm now polishing the script (i have opened a topic related to EH So i can finish it) :

and i'm adding the functionality's to all HMMWV's , as soon as all those are done I'm releasing it, and if i can't have the boomerang done in time i'll release this without boomerang in a first time...

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Hello there i'm still having trouble with the indexing of EH for boomerang so it might not be included in the forthcoming update... also has i don't have any testers for new functionality's the forthcoming version have no MP working label for now... (as soon as i can test or if people can test it on MP i can rework JIP stuff but this should be OK , the main problem might be Spatialization(of EH and sounds)...)

Also i've thought on adding a strawpoll to let you add more functionnality's to hmmwv's:


Please if you want another action or if you have any information or if you can provide help (Scripts/Textures) please tell it in this thread!

I will Update Main post soon.



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Last Teasing before release , I have managed to make the boomerang script work so it's gonna be included in the V1 release.

CrewDuke And Boomerang Sytems Inventory Objects:


CrewDuke And Boomerang Sytems Cargo view (Both are fully working now althought there ar pretty rought just add the module sync it and player will have options to add systems to Humvees) :



I plan on adding an impact on battery so if the system are added and the motor is not runnig this will use some battery and make the vehicle unable to start and to transmit on radios you'll be able to recharge batterry with cables (all those are planned to be setup in module) and some more configuration to use them(will make it optional in module too)

(CrewDuke Cable is already removed and will be reworked for future releases ) 

New Camonet Cover and crewDuke & boomerang alongside teamColor modules:


I'm also reworking a few textures:


Expect release for the end of the month.


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I can't wait to get my hands on the new version when it drops, the new features look awesome though hopefully they stand up to a beating 

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Most of the update is done but I still have trouble with the scripting part.. I have also fully reworked the camonet cover with cloth modifier in blender it look way better now, will post screens when I get back home.. Once again sorry for the delay but I'm doing everything by myself and I have no testers so everything is going slowly... 

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"Slowly, but surely"
Keep up the good work!

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