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[WIP]EWK_HMMWV's (HAFM Extension)

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Hi armaverse MrEwok here.It's been a very long time since you heard any news from me and i'm sorry for that (real life, music projects etc....).
Anyway i'm working on the little bit of free time i have on an update for my humvees and i was wondering if you guys (and girls ^^) would like to see it public release?
Update will Include:

-Added ACE3 interactions for all UserActions
-Added Functional CrewDuke and boomerang Modules (Still wip)
-Added Ace3 Medical items in vehicle inventory

//////////////////////////////////WIP'S May be included in the next update//////////////////////////////////////

-NearlyDone Rotating light on amulances
-WIP Car battery system (planned to make it persistent (ALIVE compatibility))
-Todo JSRS DF EDEN compatibility (if config entry have changed not sure yet)
-Todo Optionnal config for US RHS units in HMMWV's (require RHS)
-Todo Deployable Camonet on all hmmwv's (TODO: Make the camonet Increase stealth)
-Todo M2 on the "M998A2 sov M2
-Todo Unbinarized version with commented config and model.cfg
-Maybe New HMMWV's (custom M998 terminal,M998A2 avenger...)

//////////////////////////////////WIP'S May be included in the next update END//////////////////////////////////

/////////////////////////////////Most of the folowing are already done///////////////////////////////////////////

V0.3.9.2b (Internal Version)

-Added custom rt1523 on almost all hmmwv's variants (except medevac , light and SOV M2 )
-Added Turn In/out option For gunner
-Added New textures on the humvee TOW (Turret and FTL )
-Added M1151 Mk19 deployment
-Added Openable trunk on M1114 armored
-Fixed texture bug on frag6 view gunner
-Fixed All zeroing are now working properly
-Fixed A few texture error popups (some still occur)
-Reworked Resolution LOD's for almost all variants
-Reworked Some engine sounds (internal and external view)

V0.3.9.2 (Internal Version)

-Mod is now STANDALONE (Wich mean the weight as been increased to approximatively 416Mo) - (Done)
-Fixed Destruction textures/material/hide - (WIP)
-Fixed FFV on the "M998A2 sov M2" - (WIP)
-Fixed ambulance backdoors glitch (wich mean now you can't repack the stairs if the doors are closed) -(WIP)
-Added Sounds for Open/close door -(WIP)
-Added NEW RT1523 for all equipped humvees -(WIP)
-Added NEW RT1523 Custom UI for TFAR -(WIP)
-Added Upgraded destruction effects (Add a few degradation state based on damage) -(WIP)
-Added french and english language support -(WIP)
-Added Full JSRS DFyre compatibility -(Done)
-Added Woodland camo for all HMMWV's -(WIP)
-Added "Team color" module wich change the color of the front flag (red by default) for every syncronized hmmwv's -(Done)
-Added Light on gauges -(WIP)
-Added Ambulance Backlights are now activable when reflectors are On (Activated By default) -(Done)
-Removed all "NBL" version -(Done)
-Removed all HAFM dependencies -(Done)
-Reworked distance LOD's


No release date by the way i'm doing it on the little bit of free time so i'm going as fast as i can but no promises.




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Welcome back Mr Ewok! I still have your HMMVV loaded and yes we are interested in your updates!


Can't wait for you to release em!


Just curious if you would consider a "tropical" version now that Tanoa is coming out officially soon?

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It's great to see you back. My problem with them was that weapon firing sound in 1st person cam was too low like M2.

I love details on things. Like open-able doors which I use the as a cover. That's so nice. It's very good to hear that it is standalone now. Perfect. 

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It's really nice to hear, that you come back! ACE3 and RHS compatibility is undoubtedly a good step forward! 


P.S. 'Modern' RHS Hummwv's still don't have a covered turrets so we count on you! :P 


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@Valken: not sure for topical version because i haven't buy APEX so A3 tropical camo is a complete stranger to me ( but if i can get a hand on the tropical pattern i can easily reproduce it so maybe ) :D

@Masnooper : I can make them louder if needed but it will be on all LOD wich mean not only for Gunner.


So as i've said no release date at this time but i do all i can in my free time to deliver you and update soon as possible.

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@ MR Ewok - is there any chance to add your enhancements to CUP? I believe the CUP team may have Apex style textures in the works. Would be great to see your updates in that pack!

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Anyone else have a weird issue where the entire body of the HMMWV is not textured and invisible? Downloaded via mega and arma holic, no extra mods.

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