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[COOP-40] Operation Bloody Bayonet

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A large scale assault on CSAT forces. Recommended for groups numbering 30 or more, and groups who use a number of assets (armor, air, artillery) in the field.

Steam Workshop


Scripts in use:

-BTC Revive


-AW Sling Load


-Group Manager


-TAW View Distance

The briefing can be seen below or under the "Briefing" tab when you open your map. The briefing is a bit lengthy, but is important to read for mission success and preparations going in.




General Situation:

NATO Forces are conducting enforcement operations to degrade CSAT forces on the island of Altis.

Intel shows there is a heavily protected CSAT defensive front (grid reference 2095 0776) with a radius of roughly 2 klicks and NATO has ask the Task Force Dagger to intervene and cripple this front and all CSAT in the area. Further intel shows that there are numerous triple A emplacements throughout the sector, it is advised that these are eliminated before opening the AO to any air assets, triple A boundary is marked on grid line (11). It is presumed safe North of this line and presumed a danger zone for any air assets South of this line.

Friendly Situation:

Higher: NATO Forces are main based out country with Task Force Dagger based at Gravia Airbase.

Adjacent: There are no adjacent friendly forces.

Supporting: Task Force Dagger has only its organic assets for this mission.

Enemy Situation:

Size: There is roughly a ~Battalion sized element of CSAT forces operating in the objective area. The enemy are situated with heavy support including: MBTs, APCs, Attack Rotary, and Light Motorized Vehicles; other means of support are unknown at this time.

Activity: CSAT forces are massing forces in this sector for an inevitable counter-attack on our forces after the last operation. These forces seem to be arriving via the eastern seaboard south of vicinity Grid (222085).

Location: Panagia is vicinity Grid (205088). Feres is vicinity Grid (216075). Selakano is vicinity Grid (208067). Small Airfield is vicinity Grid (210073).

Equipment: CSAT Soldiers are well trained and equipped with standard rifles, AT/AA, and other equipments. They are armed to the teeth in ammunition and are extremely rested, they are not to be taken lightly.


Task Force Dagger conducts a Combined Arms Operation to retake the three towns and the small airfield from CSAT forces.

Concept of Operations:

Scheme of Maneuver: A Special Operations force will be inserted to disrupt the enemy by any means necessary while searching for triple A emplacements while the main ground element will also be clearing adjacent areas before moving in on the main objectives. Once the triple A is destroyed, air assets can be called in for support as the main assault begins on the defensive stronghold.



You are part of the main effort. You are to form Task Force Dagger and conduct an assault on the main objective area after crippling any triple A in the area. Coordinate with armored, artillery, and air assets for transport, artillery, and heavy tank direct fires in support of your operation.


You are a supporting effort. You are to join TF Dagger and provide them with transport and direct fire support using the MBT Slammer UP or the IFV Marshall.

Special Forces:

You are part of the main Effort. You are to join TF Dagger and conduct an assualt on the main objective area after crippling any triple A in the area. Once all triple A has been taken out you are to gain an overwatch on the main assualt area and provide FO and JTAC communications with air and artillery assets.


You are a supporting effort. Once the area is cleared of triple A positions, provide Direct Support Fixed Wing and Rotary Wing CAS to Task Force Dagger in the main assualt.


Provide Direct Support 155mm Fires to Task Force Dagger during the operation. Priority of 155mm Fires are to be held for the main assualt. Provide Direct Support Assault Rocket teams, 82mm mortar teams, and at least one Forward Observer attached to Task Force Dagger.

Coordinating Instructions:

Game Clock Operation Time: 1615 Zulu

Pre-combat checks, pre-combat inspections begin at 1945 Zulu (GMT) (Map Open…no movement)

Task Force Dagger Line of Departure Time is No Earlier Than 2000 Zulu (GMT)

Notify command every 30 minutes on mission progress, or as triple A positions are neutralized.

Air assets maintain a 5 minute strip ALERT with at least 1 Fixed Wing CAS Jet beginning at 1600 Zulu (In-Game Time).

There will be no civilian presences in the AO.

Rules of Engagement:

- Every man has the right to self defense

- PID your targets, hostile intent hostile act by any entity warrants use of deadly force

- Use of Aviation or Surface Delivered Fires must be observed and cleared on to target by a forward observer/forward air controller unless approved directly by command.

Admin and Logistics


Beans: Chow is continuous

Bullets: Basic Task Force Loadout by billet unless directed otherwise by your leadership. Coordinate resupply, as required.

Bandaids: SOP: Self-aid, buddy aid, then call the Corpsman.

Bad Guys: Search, Silence, Segregate, Safeguard, Tag…transport to Command when


Scripts in Use:

-BTC Revive

-Sling Load


-Group Manager


-View Distance


Available on Base Assets:


x4 HMG Hunters

x1 GMG Hunters

x2 Marshal IFVs

x2 M2A1 Slammer UP MBTs

x1 M4 Scorcher Mobile Artillery

x2 CRV-6e Bobcats


x1 CH-49 Mohawks (Heavy-lift)

x2 UH-80 Ghosthawks

x1 AH-99 Blackfoots

x1 AH-9 Pawnees

x1 MH-9 Hummingbirds

x6 A-164 Wipeouts



Command and Signal


Main objective area marked with RED, main objective Towns marked in YELLOW, main objective airbase marked with PURPLE cross-hatch

Radio Call Signs and channels are per SOP.

Green Smoke marks friendly locations.

White smoke is for screening and obscuration.

Red Smoke is for marking enemy locations.


Succession of Command:

Task Force Dagger C.O. is the Senior Commander.

Infantry Senior Commander is 2nd,

Armored Officer is 3rd,

Special Forces Senior Commander is 4th,

Air Senior Commander is 5th.

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Updated information to include scripts in use as well as the Armaholic link.

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