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Ammo crate/boxes dialogue not working properly on dedicated server.

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Just wondering whether I'm going nuts or not but...

EDIT: crossposted this from ARMA 3 - MISSION EDITING & SCRIPTING.

Since about 2 weeks ago, right around the guarantee messages problem, I noticed that using the standard ammo box/crate dialogue without any init strings stopped working normally on my dedicated server.

I've tried all of my older stratis missions with the same outcome also.

Assigning items to item slots, weapons to weapon slots and backpacks to backpack slots works fine as by dragging or right clicking, if the default spot is empty.

Dragging and dropping any items or ammo into cargo areas (uniform, vest or backpack) takes it from the box/crate but then it just disappears... not on the ground or in any other spot.

If you collect an item or mag from the ground it will go into the uniform, vest or backpack though.

The dialogue works normally from a single player mode but not from the client of a dedicated server mode of the same mission.

Very confusing!

Any help would be appreciated.


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Nobody else run into this problem with a dedicated server?

Still seeing this where ammo crates/boxes are not useable unless for items but not inventory.

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Aha! I knew I wasn't going mad!


EXE rev. 127147 (game)

EXE rev. 127146 (launcher)

Size: ~104 MB


Added: Sound of rolling unarmed

Fixed: Slow movement of armored vehicles doesn't cause camera shake

Lowered volume of 2D samples in first-person view

Added: Dragging an object over a sling load capable helicopter will now attach the object to it (Zeus)

Fixed: Dragging sling load incompatible objects on a helicopter now moves them below the helicopter (Zeus)

Fixed: Sling loaded vehicles were not compatible with Zeus paradrop

Time Trials: Certain endings are now correctly failure endings (affects debriefing)

Time Trials: ‘Friendly Fire’ ending improved slightly

Time Trials: Missed CP penalty was not applied when it was the second-last CP

Fixed: Time Trials - Finish CP did not show IGUI element

Added: Zeus can now set new a waypoint type: DROP CARGO

Added: Sling load cursors to Zeus


Additional profiling of the network server

Calculating total traffic from / to clients in traffic diagnostics

Fixed: Inventory - Items disappearing when you try to move them from container to container in multiplayer

Fixed: Side score was not resetting after scenarios

New condition and sources for helicopter HUD (rtdCollective, windage, rtdRotorTorque, rtdGForce)

Adjusted: Text format of traffic diagnostics

Added: Script commands setSlingLoad (changed from slingLoadCargo), canSlingLoad, getSlingLoad

Better unpublish handling for Steam Workshop

Fixed: Program null-pointed while placing an explosive charge


Updated: English strings

Added: New localization and corrections

Added: Strings for new features

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Aha! I knew I wasn't going mad!

That's exactly what a crazy person would say! :p

Anyway, can you confirm that it's fixed now?

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Yes it is fixed :) Yay devs!

Definitely made us play differently for awhile... what no explosives!

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There still seems to be a small problem with containers on dead bodies. I need to drag all mags from uniform/vest/backpack onto the ground first before I can pick them up.

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