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Ammo crate/boxes dialogue not working properly on dedicated server.

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Just wondering whether I'm going nuts or not but...

EDIT: This issue is related to the dev version and not the stable version.

Since about 2 weeks ago, right around the guarantee messages problem, I noticed that using the standard ammo box/crate dialogue without any init strings stopped working normally on my dedicated server.

I've tried all of my older stratis missions with the same outcome also.

Assigning items to item slots, weapons to weapon slots and backpacks to backpack slots works fine as by dragging or right clicking, if the default spot is empty.

Dragging and dropping any items or ammo into cargo areas (uniform, vest or backpack) takes it from the box/crate but then it just disappears... not on the ground or in any other spot.

If you collect an item or mag from the ground it will go into the uniform, vest or backpack though.

The dialogue works normally from a single player mode but not from the client of a dedicated server mode of the same mission.

Very confusing!

Any help would be appreciated.


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